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#SpaceWatchGL Share – Satellite Ground Stations: Installing Your Own Vs Using An Existing Network

By Narayan Prasad, COO of satsearch This is a position piece produced in collaboration with ground station network provider and satsearch member Leaf Space. Communication is key to the success of any space mission. Establishing and maintaining the right communication systems throughout the lifecycle of a satellite operation begins with Launch and …

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Space Café WebTalk Recap: Vera Pinto On The Societal Benefits Of Space For Equality And Inclusion

Vera Pinto discussed opportunities for inclusion, diversity, and sustainability in the Space Sector in this week’s Space Cafe Web Talk, held on 19 May. Addressing the question “How can space help inclusion and promote equality?” Pinto emphasized the societal benefits space can offer, examining the current “magnifying effect” of the …

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Moon Junk – Responsible Management Of Lunar Orbital Debris

By Yoav Landsman in collaboration with Catrina Melograna We have much to gain by making the Moon humankind’s next destination. We can practice living and working on another world, operate autonomous machines from great distances, and utilize the natural local resources. It is a natural step on our way to …

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Japan’s New Space Domain Mission Unit And Security In The Indo-Pacific Region

By Yuka Koshino Japan’s establishment of the Space Domain Mission Unit, which is planned to become fully operational in 2023, reflects the country’s increasing reliance on space systems to meet its security needs. It could emerge as a key actor in the defence of space assets in the Indo-Pacific. In …

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: We Need A Strong EU Space Programme To Jump-Start The Economy After Covid-19

By Katerina Nedbalova As the coronavirus pandemic causes changes in citizens‘ daily lives across Europe and beyond, we clearly understand there are many areas of the global economy which will now need our joint effort to improve after the pandemic declines. One very important area is Earth Observation, by means …

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Could Scotland Lead Europe’s NewSpace Charge?

By Daniel Smith Scotland is a place that may be known more for its whisky than its rocket fuel, but it is quickly becoming a country associated with upstream and downstream space applications. The developing commercial space sector brings with it a plethora of exciting new opportunities for private companies …

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