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Business Club Level 3


Astroscale is the first private company with a vision to secure the safe and sustainable development of space for the benefit of future generations and is dedicated to on-orbit servicing across all orbits. Founded in 2013, Astroscale is developing innovative and scalable solutions across the spectrum of on-orbit servicing, including life extension, in-space situational awareness, end of life, and active debris removal, to create sustainable space systems and mitigate the growing and hazardous buildup of debris in space. Astroscale is also defining the economics of on-orbit servicing and working with government and commercial stakeholders to develop norms, regulations, and incentives for the responsible use of space.
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Founded in 2011, one of the first players in the New Space market, we are building a space logistics infrastructure that will enable service providers to streamline satellite launch, across-orbit transportation, on-orbit servicing and refueling, and end of mission disposal.
Our commercial launch and deployment solutions, enabled by our proprietary orbital transfer vehicle ION Satellite Carrier, reduce the time from launch to operations by up to 85%, with potential savings of up to 40% when deploying an entire satellite constellation. These cost savings are among the enabling factors for the upcoming trillion-dollar commercial space industry that will lead humanity to expand into the cosmos.
Our roadmap, driven by an incremental approach to research and development and by a vertical integration strategy, enables us to provide effective solutions for today’s space logistics problems while shaping the solutions for the needs of tomorrow.
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Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, is a communications satellite operator headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Es’hailSat was established in 2010 with the goal of managing and developing Qatar’s presence in space. The company provides independent, high-quality, advanced satellite services to broadcasters, businesses and governments in the MENA region and beyond.
With the aim to be a truly global satellite operator and services provider, Es’hailSat started the operation of its first satellite Es’hail-1 at 25.5° East in 2013 supporting key broadcasters in the region, beIN SPORTS and Al Jazeera Media Network. Es’hail-2, the company’s second satellite was launched on November 15, 2018 and entered in commercial service early 2019 at the 26° East orbital position.
Having both Ku-band and Ka-band capacity at 25.5° East and 26° East hotspot positions enable Es’hailSat to provide the region with the most advanced and sophisticated services including broadcast, telecommunications and broadband.
Es’hailSat’s expansion plan will continue with more new satellites in prime hotspot locations, offering our customers the most flexible and reliable service. Es’hailSat is also adopting the concept of “world-wide footprints” through partnerships with leading regional and international satellite operators around the globe.
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HyImpulse specializes in a mission to transform access to space with its launch services. The Orbital Small Launcher SL1 offers economical and reliable launches for payloads of up to 600 kg to low earth orbit thanks to a hybrid propulsion system. The technology demonstrator rocket SR75 has a payload capacity of 250kg to 300km and launches in spring 2024.
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International Space University

The International Space University develops the future leaders of the world space community by providing interdisciplinary educational programs to students and space professionals in an international, intercultural environment.
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OroraTech is an intelligence-as-a-service company delivering thermal data for a sustainable Earth. The company’s product lineup includes the Wildfire Solution and high-resolution thermal data obtained through their proprietary sensor system in space.  Its successful first product in the marketplace – Wildfire Solution – is used by customers across six continents, from commercial enterprises to governmental organizations.
Since the launch of the first thermal sensor in 2022 and the second in 2023, OroraTech has established a network of sensors that continuously monitors the Earth’s temperature on a global scale. Within just three minutes, OroraTech’s technology alerts customers if their assets are at risk, ensuring timely action. Worldwide coverage is ensured through continuous real-time situational awareness data, thus OroraTech can detect fires of any size, day or night, down to a single tree.
The company was founded in 2018 with a vision to use thermal intelligence for a sustainable earth. With headquarters in Munich, Germany and operations Canada , Australia and Brazil, the company employs 90 experts worldwide.
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Rivada Space Networks

Rivada Space Networks international and diverse team of experts and engineers who have spent their careers expanding the boundaries and potential of space, now united in pursuit of a single vision. Our team is truly global, just like the constellation we are working to create. Our management team is located at Rivada Space Networks’ Munich Headquarters, and our secondary office in Berlin. Rivada Space Networks was founded in 2022 by Declan Ganley, Chairman & CEO of Rivada Networks. While Rivada Networks focusses on terrestrial connectivity, Rivada Space Networks adds the satellite part to the business model. To achieve our ambitious goals, we’re currently growing our family and looking for talented and visionary people to join us.
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United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF)

Here is a brief description of USGIF: The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation dedicated to promoting the geospatial intelligence tradecraft and developing a stronger GEOINT Community with government, industry, academia, professional organizations, and individuals who develop and apply geospatial intelligence to address national security challenges. USGIF achieves its mission through various programs and events and by building the community, advancing the tradecraft, and accelerating innovation. For more information, please visit www.USGIF.org and follow USGIF on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.
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Business Club Level 2


Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)

COSPAR aims to further research, exploration, and the peaceful use of outer space through international cooperation. Its Charter from the International Council for Science (ICSU), now the International Science Council (ISC), is to provide a forum, open to all scientists, for discussing problems that may affect scientific space research.
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ESA BIC Switzerland

The ESA Business Incubation Centre Switzerland (ESA BIC CH) is a nationwide initiative powered by the European Space Agency (ESA) and one of the world’s leading universities: ETH Zurich.  Are you a startup incorporated in Switzerland, less than 5 years old and use some form of space technology? Then apply to benefit from the ESA BIC Switzerland. The incubator offers extensive support packages (technical, business and financial support plus networking and community building) to startups that exploit technologies related to space for application on earth or technologies from earth adapted for usage in space. This relates to application fields such as navigation and positioning, telecommunication, cybersecurity, earth observation, materials & processes, space transportation & logistics or robotics.
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neuco was founded by John Clifton, Laurie Scott and William Trenchard, a trio that had worked with each other for more than a decade before starting neuco and growing it to what it is today. We specialise in providing complete talent solutions throughout the Content & Media, Satellite & NewSpace, Connectivity, and Cyber Security industries.  We’ve been doing it for years and love being a part of these incredible sectors that do so much for connecting our world.
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Officina Stellare

Officina Stellare is an innovative SME, listed on the EuroNext Growth Market (EGM) of Borsa Italiana. It is specialized in the design and manufacture of high-tech opto-mechanical system instrumentation for Ground and Space-based applications. The firm can easily be referenced worldwide for its expertise in managing complex engineering projects, delivering complete turn-key custom designed optical systems, for  Aerospace, Research and Defense-related domains. Our mix of niche technical capabilities, design and commercial skills equips us to provide flexible, comprehensive services, ranging from Earth Observation to Space Situational Awareness, to Defense applications.
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Ramon.Space is a leader in space-resilient computing infrastructure. Powered by its unique AI/ML processors, Ramon.Space’s software-based systems enable the realization of Earth-like computing capabilities in space. The company’s proven technology has been deployed on hundreds of satellites and over 50 deep space missions across the solar system – with zero failures. Ramon.Space has offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Israel.
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Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL)

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) is the original New Space renegade and is at the forefront of space innovation delivering customisable complete mission solutions for Earth observation, science, communications, navigation, in-orbit debris removal and servicing and exploration beyond Earth infrastructure.
Since 1981, SSTL has built and launched more than 70 satellites for international customers, as well as providing training and development programmes, consultancy services, and mission studies for ESA, NASA, international governments and commercial customers. Headquartered in Guildford, UK, SSTL is part of Airbus.
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TTTech Aerospace

TTTech’s aerospace business (TTTech Aerospace) provides deterministic embedded network and platform solutions for aviation and space applications.
Its products have already completed over 2 billion flight hours in Level A safety-critical applications like fly-by-wire, power systems, avionics, engine controls, and environmental control systems and covered distances of more than two million kilometers in deep space.
TTTech Aerospace offers reliable radiation-hardened components and integrated modules for Deterministic Ethernet networking applications designed for the use in space transportation, exploration, and human space flight. Our avionic backbone network systems and solutions are on board of NASA‘s Orion spacecraft, all modules of NASA’s Lunar Gateway, several launch vehicles, including the Ariane 6, as well as lunar transportation systems.
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