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Rymdkapital empowers next steps for satellite provider Forsway


Forsway, a Swedish-based satellite broadband provider, announced on the 9th of March that Rymdkapital, the first Nordic investment firm dedicated to European space start-ups has endorsed Forsway with an unspecified amount of new funding and support. This new collaboration is part of Rymdkapital’s vision to provide capital, support and networks for new business areas for emerging new space start-ups in Europe aiming for a global market. 

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Amazon contracts nine Atlas V for Project Kuiper

Paris, 20 April 2021. – 9 times 5: Amazon contracted nine Atlas V rockets to launch its Project Kuiper broadband constellation, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) announced. With Project Kuiper, Amazon wants to increase global broadband coverage through a constellation of 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO).  

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NSR study sees connected car broadband market grow to (only) $1bn in 2029

The international satellite and space research and consulting company Northern Sky Research (NSR) sees the international broadband connected car market growing to over $1bn by the end of this decade, NSR said in a recently published summary of the 8th edition of its Land Mobile via Satellite report.

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