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Space Economy Insights Archive

SpaceWatch.Global is launching a podcast series called “Space Economy Insights” that aims to address three key questions in the space industry: emerging market segments in the space economy, inclusivity in the space industry, and the relationship between space security and space commerce. The podcast aims to highlight the practical aspects that enable the space economy and connect the benefits of space with human and economic activities on Earth. It also aims to engage communities outside the space industry, such as medicine, agriculture, mining, and communications, and to emphasize the various factors that drive space activities on Earth, including government strategy and investment, private finance and insurance, regulation, talent, and entrepreneurship.SpaceWatch.Global is an independent online platform and media company focused on the space industry, with a particular focus on the space economy, geopolitics, space law, and technological advances. With a decade of experience in providing original analyses, interviews, and news about the space industry, SpaceWatch.Global has established itself as a global reference for the space industry. The company aims to connect industry players, policymakers, market analysts, legal and regional experts, research institutions, and space agencies, providing a global platform for discussion, community growth, and effective networking. Enjoy the show and let us know your thoughts at  [email protected] .