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mu Space and RBC Signals Partner on Ground Station Facilities

Workers at mu Space manufacturing. Credit mu Space
Credit mu Space

Ibadan, 23 April 2024. – mu Space and Advance Technology Co., Ltd, a satellite technology company based in Thailand, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with RBC Signals International Inc. (“RBC Signals”), a provider of global satellite data communication products and solutions. The MOU, effective from March 1, 2024, is the beginning of a collaboration that aims at exploring opportunities related to Satellite Ground Station Facilities in Thailand and Southeast Asia countries.

mu Space brings its expertise in satellite design, manufacturing, operation and services, and considerable experience to the table. Furthermore, the Company’s space technology development and satellite ground station facility services are key assets in this collaboration. On the other hand, RBC Signals’ global satellite data communication solutions offer secure space communication solutions in every major frequency band utilizing a worldwide network.

Speaking on the collaboration, mu Space CEO and CTO, James Yenbamroong, said, “We are happy about our collaboration with RBC Signals. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to advance satellite technology in Thailand and Southeast Asia.” The CEO also added, “Together, we look to explore new frontiers in Satellite Ground Station Facilities, bringing innovative solutions to the region.”

The collaboration between both parties is based on the belief that their expertise will complement each other, leading to the successful completion of the project. Furthermore, it aims to identify activities necessary for the implementation of Satellite Ground Station Facilities in Thailand and Southeast Asia countries. mu Space and RBC Signals had previously worked together, with mu Space serving as a facility provider and maintenance support of the satellite antenna hosting and colocation for 3 years in the eastern region of Thailand.

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