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South America

Register Today For Our Space Café Brazil On 27 May 2022

This Space Café Brazil will feature Prof. Daniel Freire e Almeida, coordinator of the postgraduate course in law and space policy and Suyan Cristina Malhadas, researcher in space law, in conversation with Ian Grosner, Correspondent of SpaceWatch.Global for Brazil. Live from the II Workshop on Space Resources at the Catholic University of Santos.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Commercial Space Ecosystems

There are three types of commercial space ecosystems, the historic one, the self-created and the incidental.  The first one is exemplified by over 60 years of the United States space program, where government-funded missions gave life to private contractors that gained industrial expertise nowadays being used to supply end-to-end missions for public and private customers.

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Brazilian Space Agency and AWS sign cooperation agreement

The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) signed a Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation to support innovation and the continued growth of the country’s space industry, AWS announced. The agreement outlines three specific areas of collaboration including research and development and an open, centralised space database.

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Space Café Brazil by Ian Grosner Recap: Raphael Roettgen of E2MC

In this week’s Space Café Brazil by Ian Grosner, he talked with Raphael Roettgen about the space economy sector. Raphael said the role of educating the people about the benefits of space is crucial. The language must be less technical and more didactic to understand the importance of space activities.

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Satellogic becomes a publicly traded company

The sub-meter resolution satellite imagery collection company Satellogic announced it has completed its business combination with CF Acquisition Corp. V, a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald. Satellogic’s Class A ordinary shares and warrants trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbols “SATL” and “SATLW,” respectively.

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Satellogic raises US $150M from former treasury secretary

Satellogic announced that private equity firm, Liberty Strategic Capital, led by former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, is investing US $150M into Earth imaging company Satellogic. The funding will help to close a delayed merger with CF Acquisition Corp. V., a special purpose acquisition corporation for the company to go public.

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