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Torsten Kriening

Space Symposium 2024 – Interview with Ron Lopez

We made it back to the Denver Office of Astroscale US to meet with the team and to record this interview of Dr Emma Gatti with Ron Lopez, President of Astroscale US. Astroscale has exciting updates about its expansion in the United States, with offices in Denver and Washington D.C., and changes in its board structure. They are collaborating with the government on many more contracts and are looking forward to many more commercial space opportunities.

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Space Symposium 2024 – Interview with Prof Nicolas Peter

Prof Nicolas Peter, International Space University, spoke with Dr Emma Gatti during the Space Symposium 2024. They discussed their long-standing relationship with North America and their upcoming Space Studies Program 2024 in collaboration with @RiceUniversity and NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). He also discussed training the next generation of space professionals and the widely discussed topic of talent recruitment for the space industry.

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Space Symposium 2024 – Interview with Dr Luigi Scatteia

At the Space Symposium, Dr Emma Gatti met with SpaceWatch.Global friend and collaborator Dr Luigi Scatteia, who spoke to us about PwC 's commercial interest and clients in space and how the Space Symposium is fostering that. With a diverse roster of clients across various sectors - defense companies, space agencies, institutions, governments, private companies, startups, etc., the PwC is aiming to expand and cater to the entire space environment.

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Space Nuggets 15/2023 – Highlights from the Space Symposium

In this week's Space Nuggets Dr Emma Gatti spoke with collaborator and friend Anastasia Stepanova about the most interesting aspects of the Symposium. They spoke candidly about the highlights from the Science track which included missions to Titan, Uranus etc. Watch the video to learn more about upcoming innovations such as In-Space manufacturing, Asteroid mining!

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Space Symposium 2024 – Interview with Avi Shabtai

Avi Shabtai, CEO of Ramon.Space, spoke with Torsten Kriening this morning at the Space Symposium about building space-resilient computing infrastructure to serve the next generation of satellites and spacecraft that deal with space data. Avi Shabtai elicited three functions for space data: store, Process, and Move. These are a major part of the space systems services that Ramon.Space strives to provide.

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Space Symposium 2024 – Interview with Dr Walther Pelzer

The Director General of the German Space Agency at the DLR, Dr Walther Pelzer, spoke to us during the Space Symposium 2024. He highlighted how the Symposium is a platform to showcase the commercialization of space. He also spoke about how there is a push for a 'Business to Business' partnership shift happening and why networking with the industry is crucial to fostering this.

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