The Space Café Podcast #105: Marie-Pier Boucher: If we fail to do this, there is not future in Space

Marie Pier-Boucher and Markus Mooslechner after the recording of the podcast

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present: The Space Café Podcast #105: Marie-Pier Boucher: If we fail to do this, there is not future in Space

Episode 105 features special guest: Marie-Pier Boucher

Introduction: In Episode 105 of the Space Cafe Podcast, host Markus engages with Marie Pierre Boucher, who provides a fascinating perspective on integrating arts and diverse cultural elements into space exploration.

Guest Background: Marie Pierre Boucher, a visionary from the University of Toronto, expands on her extensive work that spans across art, technology, and space, illustrating how these realms intersect to create more inclusive and sustainable environments in space.

Key Topics Covered:

·       The Role of Art in Space: Boucher discusses how art and cultural perspectives can
fundamentally reshape the design and functionality of space habitats.

·       Inclusivity in Space: The conversation delves into the need for broader
participation in space projects, emphasizing roles for artists and non-engineers.

·       Transformative Narratives: She highlights how narratives around space exploration
are evolving, promoting a diverse and inclusive approach.

Memorable Quotes:

·       “Integrating art from the start can transform space environments not just
functionally but also psychologically.” — Marie Pierre Boucher

·       “In the vastness of space, every voice should be heard, every perspective
considered.” — Marie Pierre Boucher

Key References and Must-Click Links:

·       University of Toronto – Learn more about the institution where Marie Pierre
contributes to transdisciplinary research.

·       European Space Agency – Referenced as an example of collaborative space
exploration efforts.

·       NASA – Mentioned in the context of public participation and project transparency.

·       Orion Module – Discussed in relation to human factors engineering.

·       Canadian Space Agency – Discussed for their data protocols and public engagement.

Featured Media and Cultural References:

·       Movie: Aniara – A film discussed for its portrayal of human psychological
experiences in space.

·       Movie: Space Down – Directed by Dominic Gagnon, available on Vimeo.

·       Music: “Surrender” by Suicide, discussed as a song representing calmness in space

·       Music: “Scrambles of Earth” – The reimagined Voyager Golden Record tracks,
speculated to be remixed by aliens.

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