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SINC 2024 – Interview with Dr Luis Zea

Corals in Space? It can be done! Karman Fellow, Scientist and Founder of Jaguar Space, Dr Luis Zea, explains SpaceWatch.Global’s Editor in Chief, Dr Emma Gatti, why basic research is still fundamental to understanding our Earth and how Space microgravity research can help the Maldives get a spot on the Space exploration train.

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Space Cafe Radio Geopolitics – with Juliana Suess, RUSI

In this episode of Space Café Radio Geopolitics, Juliana Suess, Research Fellow Space Security at Royal United Services Institute (RUSI),  talked with SpaceWatch.Global's Torsten Kriening about geopolitics and space security. Their discussion shed light on the complexities of space militarization, the challenges facing European space defense readiness, and the importance of collaborative and responsible approaches to space governance.