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Space Café Podcast Archive

EPISODE 024 – Lin Kayser – $> computer, build me a spaceship [Enter]           

EPISODE 023 – Pascale Ehrenfreund – is there life in space (other than us)?

EPISODE 022 – Avi Loeb – did we just witness an encounter of non-human origin?

EPISODE 021 – Niamh Shaw – the least likeliest person who can get to space

EPISODE 020 – Alexander Soucek – ESA and the legal challenges of space

EPISODE 019 – Una McCormack – Star Trek Science Fiction Writer

EPISODE 018 – Dana Reizniece-Ozola, minister, satellite pioneer and chess grandmaster

EPISODE 017 – Kellie Gerardi – high stakes and deep insights into the potentially first social media star in space

EPISODE 016 – Pamela Melroy – Soldier, Test Pilot, Astronaut

EPISODE 015 – Simonetta Di Pippo – Director of UNOOSA

EPISODE 014 – Dr. James Schwartz – we need to rethink everything

EPISODE 013 – Nicole Buettner  – how bringing AI and traditional companies together can work miracles

EPISODE 012 – Chris Lee – How will Hubble die? Is this the golden era of space travel? Why ESA has a bright future

EPISODE 011 – Sara Langston – Teaching the next generation of space travelers

EPISODE 010 – Nicole Stott – Space Shuttle Astronaut Extraordinaire

EPISODE 009 – Moriba Jah on space debris, and why it may be too late

EPISODE 008 – Michelle Hanlon – The legal loophole to remove the American flags on the Moon

EPISODE 007 – Nahum Romero – What the Space industry is missing and why not even Elon is visionary enough

EPISODE 006 – Proudly Human – the ambitious mission of a woman who seeks new knowledge for our civilization on Mars  …

EPISODE 005 – Simon, the Elon of Singapore

EPISODE 004 – Life after COVID-19 – in space and on earth

EPISODE 003 – Are we facing an arms race in space?

EPISODE 002 – Who rules Space? Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

EPISODE 001 – COVID-19 and the space industry

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