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Space Nuggets

Space Nuggets – 23/2024 – Missions to space, at the cost of environmental risk?

In this week's important Space Nugget, Dr Emma Gatti discusses an unpopular opinion regarding space missions such as Starship, Starliner, etc. These missions require a significant number of test runs and test flights, which have often ended in mid-air explosions, raising the question of how much environmental risk the space industry can take.

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Space Nuggets – 22/2024 – North Korea, Satellites and Failed Launches

In this week's exciting Space Nugget, Dr Emma Gatti sheds lights upon the recent North Korea's attempt to launch a second military reconnaissance satellite into orbit that failed after the rocket carrying the reconnaissance satellite exploded mid-air during the flight of the first stage. What does this mean geopolitically with respect to Russia, Japan and China? Watch the video for the answers to all these exciting questions and more insights into the world of spy satellites. 

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Space Nuggets – 21/2024 – Future of Space in Europe with Dr Josef Aschbacher

In this week's exciting Space Nugget XXL, Torsten Kriening spoke with ESA Director General, Dr Josef Aschbacher about the ESA-EU Space Council meeting in Brussels this past week. Together with Ministers of ESA Member States, the ESA Executive,s and Ministers from the EU Council, Dr Aschbacher discussed the future of Europe in space at the ESA-EU Space Council. Watch the video for all the exciting updates, such as - Zero Debris Charter, new European astronauts, and LEO Cargo Return services, among many others!

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Space Nuggets – 19/2024 – Allies, Bullies and Vetos – The West vs East in Space

In this week's Space #Nuggets, Torsten Kriening discusses the growing space tensions on the world stage. This past week, Russia defended its veto at the UN General Assembly against Nukes in Space, followed by the USA's response. Torsten subsequently spoke about his time at GEOINT and the rising space industry in the States.

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Space Nuggets 17/2023 – Island nations, Earth Observation and the road ahead: SINC 2024

In this week's Space Nuggets Dr Emma Gatti reflects on her experience at the Space for Islands Conference and the forthcoming opportunities for new space economies. This past week she was in Maldives attending SINC 2024 and spoke about the stark differences between youth driven organisations like MSRO (Maldives Space Research Organisation) who organised SINC and conferences like the Space Symposium.

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Space Nuggets 15/2023 – Highlights from the Space Symposium

In this week's Space Nuggets Dr Emma Gatti spoke with collaborator and friend Anastasia Stepanova about the most interesting aspects of the Symposium. They spoke candidly about the highlights from the Science track which included missions to Titan, Uranus etc. Watch the video to learn more about upcoming innovations such as In-Space manufacturing, Asteroid mining!

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