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Eclipse Announces $1.23 Billion in New Funds

Eclipse has announced $1.23 billion in new funds, comprising $720 million for Eclipse Fund V and $510 million for Eclipse Early Growth Fund II. This brings the Company's total assets under management to ~$4 billion. With this capital, the Company intends to continue to partner with founders building ambitious companies tackling the world’s most pressing challenges. 

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Register Today For Our Space Café Israel by Meidad Pariente with Neta Palkovitz on 28 October 2022

This Space Café Israel will feature Neta Palkovitz, founder of the NewSpace Firm, in conversation with Meidad Pariente, correspondent of SpaceWatch.Global for Israel. Space lawyers at work - putting international space law into a commercial context.

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Register Today For Our Space Café Austria by Judith Delany On 17 August 2022

Join Dr. Christian Klösch, historian and curator of the space collection at the Vienna Museum of Technology, and our host Judith Delany for this edition of Space Cafè Austria for a unique insight not just in Austrian space history, but the importance of history in general. In this episode we will talk about what makes an object an object of historic value,

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Register Today For Our Space Café Brazil On 8 August 2022

This Space Café Brazil will feature Prof. Thais Russomano, a Brazilian Space Scientist, Researcher and Medical Doctor, in conversation with Ian Grosner, Correspondent of SpaceWatch.Global for Brazil. The Future of Humans in Space. Prof Thais Russomano has 30+ yr of experience in Aerospace Med, Space Phys & Digital Health.

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Register Today For Our Space Café Italy by Dr. Emma Gatti On 21 July 2022

This Space Café Italy will feature Cinzia Zuffada, NASA’s JPL Deputy Chief Scientist and President of the Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation (ISSNAF), in conversation with Dr. Emma Gatti, host for Space Cafè Radio and correspondent of SpaceWatch.Global for Italy. New Opportunities for Washington and Rome

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