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OroraTech Partners GREEN+ Program for Forest Fire Management

Credit: OroraTech

Ibadan, 24 April 2024. – OroraTech has announced a partnership with GREEN+ Program to provide forest fire management to safeguard millions of hectares of protected areas in the hands of sub-national governments around the globe.

The partnership will enable leaders and emergency teams to monitor destructive fires within their protected natural areas, detect deforestation, save local forests, and create the right incentives. It also supports GREEN+ Program’s mission to help preserve biodiverse and irreplaceable carbon stocks throughout South America and beyond. Subsequently, the CC35 Secretariat, among others, will monitor the data to ensure accurate and reliable climate change mitigation in these vulnerable ecosystems.

Furthermore, the ten-year contract promises through the GREEN+ WATCH initiative to increase global oversight of local government natural areas, focusing on South America with ten partners secured from 2025 onwards. OroraTech will monitor these areas using its proprietary technology to provide real-time updates on any wildfire situation on the ground, supporting emergency services. In addition, the agreement will provide access to data from the hotspot clusters to the GREEN+ Program’s public platform, allowing the Group to display the situations within the regions under monitoring on its website.

Speaking on the collaboration, Axel Roenneke, Chief Commercial Officer of OroraTech, commented, “With our Wildfire Solution platform, we are providing valuable access to easily monitor and protect widely dispersed forest areas, We are proud to provide GREEN+ Program and their partners with the means to preserve these inspiring forests and sustain the integrity of their carbon future projects.”

Sebastian Navarro, Secretary General of CC35, also commented, “We will work to make GREEN+WATCH a powerful democratization tool for global citizens to monitor the planet’s subnational protected areas. This exclusive contract with OroraTech for the GREEN+ Program aims to create the incentives to increase protected areas to 30% by 2030.”

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