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2024-04 Spaceplane Summit 2024

1st European Spaceplane Summit

In the heart of Germany’s largest space hub, Bremen, we are excited to announce the inaugural European Spaceplane Summit – a pioneering event designed to build a community around the revolutionary concept of spaceplanes as well as the booming economic domain of the suborbital area and Earth orbits.

The European Spaceplane Summit isn’t just a conference; it’s a beacon for space enthusiasts and a testament to Bremen’s leading role in the aerospace sector. We invite you to join us in this journey, to connect, to be inspired, and to be part of shaping the future of space transportation.

European Spaceplane Summit – Interview with Ross Hulbert

Ross Hulbert is the head of engagement at Spaceport Cornwall. He spoke with SpaceWatch Global's Torsten Kriening about the setup and the lessons learned from Virgin Orbit's first horizontal space launch from European soil in January 2023. Ross also talked about the next steps for the space ecosystem in Cornwall and its way to becoming the place to launch your spaceplane into orbit.

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European Spaceplane Summit – Interview with Nicola Winter

The 1st European Spaceplane Summit, organized by Polaris Raumfahrzeuge, started with a keynote by Nicola Winter, ESA Astronaut Reserve, Military Pilot, Entrepreneur, and Inspirator, about her challenging way into the space sector and maybe into space. Torsten Kriening had the opportunity to talk with her about spaceplanes and her view on the market. They also talked about Nicolas's big project—flying to space!

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European Spaceplane Summit 2024 – Interview with Annika Wollermann

Today Bremen will write history. The 1st European Spaceplane Summit, organized by Polaris Spaceplanes, kicked off. Torsten Kriening spoke with Annika Wollermann, Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director of Polaris Raumfahrzeuge GmbH, about the event, the vision , expected outcomes, and the status of their space plane.

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