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2024-03 20th DGI Conference

The Best Opportunity to Connect with the International Defence and Security Geospatial Intelligence Community

Rising geopolitical tensions, active military conflicts, and new digital innovations are requiring NATO members and their international allies to rethink their approach to international security.

SpaceWatch.Global Insights – DGI 2024 (Geospatial intelligence for defence and security)

This past week, our CEO and Publisher, Torsten Kriening, attended the DGI 2024 (Geospatial Intelligence for Defence and Security) conference in London. The conference focused on the applicability of data in the defense sector in the light of two wars on the doorstep of Europe. Listen to the industry insights and discussions provided by Torsten in this #opinion video.

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DGI 2024 – Day one intro by Torsten Kriening

We are in #london for DGI - Geospatial Intelligence for defence and security. CEO Torsten Kriening talks to us live from the event, highlighting the necessity of defence and security applications within geospatial services in today's world. Space is becoming a part of the critical infrastructure of defence with two wars at the doorstep of #europe .

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