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Emma Gatti

Australia’s Lift-Off Plans From Northern Territories

Australian Space Company’s ELA (Equatorial Launch Australia) forecasts an orbital launch by the end of the year at Arnhem Space Centre, located in Australia Northern Territories. Arnhem Space Centre has been previously used by NASA in 2022 to launch three suborbital sounding rockets, however it has never been used for orbital launches. ELA would like to try to break this milestone by the second half of 2023.

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Italian Space Agency reveals 2023 strategy

The President of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Mr. Giorgio Saccoccia, announced today the guidelines and objectives of the national space agency for 2023. ASI, recently back from a very successful CM22, explained that for 2023 it intends to carry on its long-standing collaboration with ESA and NASA, open new strategic international goals, and keep pushing its national interests.

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