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EnduroSat Joins Mission to Search for Exoplanets

EnduroSat, a software-flexible NanoSats and space services provider, has announced a partnership with the University of Sydney and Breakthrough Initiatives on its TOLIMAN mission. EnduroSat will design and build a 16U MicroSat called TOLIMAN to perform high-precision astrometric measurements on the Alpha Centauri system. The search for exoplanets will focus on the habitable zone around two Sun-like stars, Alpha Centauri A and B.

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Australian Coalition Launches Space+Spatial Industry Roadmap

A national coalition of space and geospatial industry experts has launched the 2030 Space+Spatial Industry Growth Roadmap. The roadmap is an industry document that will inform Government policymakers to commit to an integrated space and spatial industry to safeguard Australia’s future economic success, societal well-being, and national security.

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InnovationAus joins international Space Communications Alliance

InnovationAus has joined the Space Communications Alliance as an affiliate member. The Space Communications Alliance is a global network of communications organizations with a background and experience in telling the stories of the people, the technology and geopolitics driving the rapid development of the space industry.’s sister company Espresso Communications also joined the global network as a full member.

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Fleet Space and Infinity Mining to deploy ExoSphere to enhance mineral exploration activities

Fleet Space ExoSphere Technology

On the 16th of February Fleet Space - a satellite communications company based in South Australia-  has announced it will deploy its satellite-enabled ExoSphere seismic exploration system at Tambourah South tenements in West Australia, owned by Infinity Mining - a exploration and mining company. 

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