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Azercosmos and AEB sign MOU for Space Initiatives

Credit: Azercosmos

Ibadan, 23 November 2023. – Azercosmos, the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on space cooperation. The MoU envisages Brazil-Azerbaijan collaboration in space science, technology, and application and will serve as an instrument to establish a framework for future cooperation in the domain of outer space.

Under this MOU, Azercosmos and the Brazilian Space Agency will explore ways to support socio-economic development in both countries through satellite imagery data in areas related to agriculture, water resources, urban and regional planning, environmental assessment, land cover mapping, disaster monitoring, mapping of natural resources, maritime and terrestrial-monitoring, geospatial systems, as well as communications on satellite ground stations.

The two organizations will also study the use of academic and training opportunities for personnel and broaden student participation in the development program from both countries in the fields of space science, technologies, and applications.

Samaddin Asadov, Chairman of Azercosmos, emphasized the importance of cooperation with Brazil in the space sector. “With this MoU and our closer partnership, we hope to achieve our vision of boosting Azerbaijan’s space industry and supporting space-related activities,” he added.

Likewise, Marco Antonio Chamon, head of the Brazilian Space Agency, added, “Azerbaijan has huge potential in the space sector, which we can successfully use for the development of various areas, including scientific research, technological innovation, education, and the economy.”

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