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mu Space and Airbus Partner on Thailand Smallsat Missions

Workers at mu Space manufacturing. Credit mu Space
Workers at mu Space manufacturing. Credit mu Space

Ibadan, 26 February 2024. – Airbus Defence and Space SAS (“Airbus”) and mu Space and Advanced Technology Co, Ltd (“mu Space”) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on potential future Thailand small satellite missions. This MoU outlines the terms and conditions for their cooperation and the key principles that would govern their relationship for the establishment of the Project. Both parties consequently believe that their combined expertise can lead to successful collaboration in the field of advanced space technology.

The main purpose of this Agreement is to establish the terms and conditions under which the Companies will cooperate to establish the Project. Furthermore, the Project aims to identify the activities necessary for its implementation, create a roadmap for its execution, and establish the preliminary principles for a definitive binding agreement that would formalize their relationship.

Both Companies have identified several areas of cooperation for the Project, including Earth-observation, Space Situational Awareness, LEO communications, Science and Technology, and Planetary missions. As a result, they will collaborate to establish the Project, exchange relevant information regularly, and participate in meetings with local stakeholders to present the Project. The MoU also sets the stage for potential collaboration and cooperation on future Thailand small satellite missions. With mu Space constantly looking to drive Thailand and Asia into the global aerospace market, this MoU with aerospace giant Airbus is a push in the right direction for the Company and its end goal.

mu Space also recently signed two MoUs with ispace, entering negotiations for future payload services to lunar orbit and the lunar surface. Both companies will also conduct joint market development in Japan and Thailand to accelerate the number of lunar orbiting satellite missions.

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