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Starlab Space Welcomes Mitsubishi as Strategic Partner

Starlab. Credit Voyager Space

Ibadan, 8 April 2024. – Starlab Space LLC (Starlab Space), the joint venture between Voyager Space and Airbus, today welcomed Mitsubishi Corporation as a strategic partner and equity owner in Starlab Space. This partnership expands Starlab Space’s reach beyond a transatlantic partnership and transforms the joint venture into a global organization.

Mitsubishi Corporation will consequently bring its extensive expertise and resources to this global partnership. The partnership will expect Mitsubishi Corporation to leverage its capabilities to significantly increase Starlab’s value, using space research to enhance and accelerate terrestrial product development in multiple industries and expand access to space-based technologies globally. Additionally, this partnership will broaden access for the Japanese space economy and industrial base into the LEO marketplace by harnessing Starlab’s technologies and capabilities.

Speaking on the venture, Mikito Nakaniwa, Division COO, Infrastructure, Ship & Aerospace Division of Mitsubishi Corporation, said, “We are happy to join forces with Starlab, a best-in-class team comprising Airbus and Voyager, to drive innovation and catalyze advancements in space exploration. Together, Mitsubishi Corporation and Starlab aim to open the commercial Low Earth Orbit (LEO) marketplace and create lasting value for global companies and industries.”

Likewise, Dylan Taylor, Chairman and CEO at Voyager Space, added, “It’s an honor to welcome Mitsubishi Corporation as a partner in our joint venture. Mitsubishi Corporation’s customer-centric focus and commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with our vision for Starlab. Together, we’ll unlock space technology on a global scale and drive meaningful impact across several industries, from space to ground.”

Mike Schoellhorn, CEO of Airbus Defence and Space, also commented, “Our next-generation space station relies on both innovation and experience. Hence, Mitsubishi Corporation, a pioneer of space business in Japan since the 1960s with a strong drive for shaping the future, is a perfect addition to our team.”

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