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HyImpulse SR75 Rocket Ship to Australia for Inaugural Launch

Firing of the SR75 motor during a qualification test. Credit: HyImpulse

Ibadan, 26 February 2024. – HyImpulse has announced that its HyImpulse SR75 rocket and its ground support equipment have begun the journey by ship through the Atlantic Ocean, around South Africa and to Southern Australia for its inaugural launch. Southern Launch’s Koonibba test range is the final destination for the rocket, and the launch campaign will tentatively commence in mid-April at the Koonibba test range.

The key highlight of the SR75 rocket is its hybrid rocket engine based on solid paraffin – a non-explosive fuel that aims to revolutionize rocket handling and logistics. This allows the operators to fully fuel the SR75 during the whole transport. Furthermore, there are no explosive materials involved, significantly reducing logistical complexities and consequently ensuring the readiness and safety of rocket launches.

This feature also enables HyImpulse to pre-produce, store, and transport rockets more efficiently and safely. This unique approach also simplifies the shipping and customs processes, setting a different standard in the space industry, resulting in overall much lower costs. The hybrid propulsion system from HyImpulse is unique for its high performance, simplicity and scalability in manufacturing, which drastically lowers costs. Looking towards the future, HyImpulse commits to achieving carbon-neutral operations through its use of synthesized paraffin fuel from CO2 and renewable energy sources.

Prior to the tentative inaugural launch, the Company had subjected the rocket motor to many ground test firings at the HyImpulse test facility on the Shetland Islands. SR75 is a single-stage rocket that will launch microgravity experiments and serve as a versatile rocket booster for HyImpulse. Furthermore, it serves as the technology demonstrator for HyImpulse’s orbital launch vehicle, SL1. The SR75’s maiden launch will also flight-qualify the hybrid propulsion technology, a cornerstone in the development of SL1.

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