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mu Space plans to launch Space Supply Chain in Southeast Asia

Workers at mu Space manufacturing. Credit mu Space
Workers at mu Space manufacturing. Credit mu Space

London, 1 November 2023.- mu Space, a satellite manufacturer from Southeast Asia, is looking to create a space supply chain for its region. The company’s goal is to launch Southeast Asia into a global competitor in the aerospace industry. mu Space believes that by building a space supply chain, companies will have a greater chance in utilising technologies and furthermore innovating them for the future.

The plan was announced in a press conference held earlier this year, joined by both Airbus and GISTDA. The press conference demonstrated that a supply chain would help lower the cost of sending satellites to space and ultimately making it easier to get to space. 

“mu Space has achieved great success in the development of satellites and High Power Systems. The importance of investing in 3 areas that are important to build networks in the space industry are Human Capital Knowledge, Equipment & Machinery and Raw Materials,” said Mr. James Yenbamroong, CEO & CTO of mu Space. “It also requires cooperation from the government and private sectors involved, in order to create a sustainable network in the aerospace industry, mu Space is committed to promoting and supporting young Start-Up groups to gain experience and knowledge. As a result of that, we hope to see the space industry business steadily expand in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

mu Space plans to launch this supply chain to provide a significant upgrade for the Southeast Asian region and allow them to compete with European and American aerospace manufacturers.

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