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The Space Cafe Podcast #22: Avi Loeb – did we just witness an encounter of non-human origin?

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present the 22nd episode in our podcast series The Space Cafe Podcast: Avi Loeb - did we just witness an encounter of non-human origin? Episode 022 features a special guest Prof. Avi Loeb. In 2017, a strange object appeared in our solar system only to disappear again.

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#SpaceWatchGL Column: ESPI Brief 47 – About a new European multi-orbit connectivity system

As part of the partnership between SpaceWatch.Global and the European Space Policy Institute, we have been granted permission to publish selected articles and briefs. This is ESPI Briefs No. 47: ‘About a new European multi-orbit connectivity system’, originally published in January 2021.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: What Space Traffic Management measures must be internationally implemented to improve the safety and sustainability of outer space?

by Antonio Fowl Stark, Winner SGAC SSS-PG Essay Competition 2020 The Spectrums of Space Traffic ManagementSpace Traffic Management (STM) is inherently an intergovernmental and interdisciplinary field. Precisely for these characteristics, there is no single agreed-upon definition of STM.

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Space Café WebTalk Recap: Nikolai Khlystov on Multi-stakeholder collaboration

In this week’s Space Cafè WebTalk, Nikolai Khlystov, Lead, Shaping the Future of Mobility and Space at World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland talked about ways and initiatives that support sustainable peace in space. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky “Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot live in a cradle forever”

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