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Space Café Austria by Sabine Pongruber – with Markus Mooslechner

In the latest “Space Café Austria”, hosted by Sabine Pongruber, CEO of WEME Global, welcomed Markus Mooslechner on 10 November 2023. "Anyone can be a good storyteller, because everyone has a story to tell." Embark on a Journey of Discovery with Markus, an Award-Winning Storyteller and Science Communicator! Immerse yourself in an engaging conversation that explores the depths of genuine human interaction and the craft of storytelling.

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UNIO Achieves Connectivity Switch in Connected Vehicles

UNIO Bridge Screen

UNIO has announced the successful test of its ‘Powered by UNIO’ bridge product for connected vehicles as the Munich-based company achieved a seamless switch from 5G to satellite connectivity. During a live demonstration in Munich on November 20, a vehicle demonstrated a seamless transition between a connected 5G data rate and an equivalent data rate satellite connection. This demonstration featured a 'bridge' installation, and the transition occurred without any interruption to the data connection.

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Skyrora and Spirit to Enhance Future UK Launch Capability

Skyrora and Spirt AeroSystems

Skyrora and Spirit AeroSystems have announced a collaboration on orbital launch capability. The companies celebrated the announcement on the conference’s opening day in Belfast, home to Spirit’s largest UK manufacturing facility. This partnership will enable Skyrora to transition its orbital launch vehicles from development to full-scale production, in addition to localizing its supply chain. 

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Anywaves Appoints Eric de Saintignon as General Manager


Anywaves has announced the appointment of Eric de Saintignon as General Manager to support the space antenna specialist in its upward trajectory. The appointment builds on the Company's recent commercial successes and the development of new products and drive towards market expansion. This appointment will consequently enable Nicolas Capet, the Founder and President, to prepare the future of Anywaves through the Strategy Department, for which he assumes responsibility.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Biomimicry for space exploration

Fossil. Credits: Pixabay

Imagine that we are part of a group responsible for planning a space journey, and our primary guiding principle is to use biomimicry as a tool to inspire the solutions we will need to develop. "Biomimicry involves solving problems by studying and emulating natural processes. For example, the design of whale-inspired wind turbines draws inspiration from the humpback whale." These studies have been done through the observation of behaviors and characteristics of all types of living creatures living in this world.  It holds the key to billions of years of research and development of sustainable, circular, and regenerative solutions.

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Spire Global Unveils Satellite Mission Operations Platform

Satellite clean room. Credit Spire Global

Spire Global, a provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, announced on the 14th of November at the Space Tech Expo Europe their Constellation Management Platform. The new web-based app aims to simplify satellite constellation operations through its interface. The development of the platform is co-funded by ESA under the ARTES Core Competitiveness (CC) programme with €1.5 million awarded to Spire, with support from the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA).

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HyImpulse Secures Kooniba and SaxaVord Spaceports


HyImpulse has partnered with Southern Launch to launch into space from the Koonibba Test Range in 2024. In the same vein, the German rocket manufacturer has entered into agreements regarding the provision of facilities and services of the SaxaVord spaceport for future launch activities. As a result, HyImpulse will offer launch services from SaxaVord Spaceport in the Shetland Islands, and test its SR75 rocket via a suborbital launch at the Koonibba test range. 

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Space Tech Expo Bremen – Interview with Neuco’s Annie Savage and Tom Wilding

Recruitment , Talent acquisition , and the demands of the #space Industry Our CEO Torsten Kriening spoke with neuco global executive search / neuco 's Tom Wilding and Annie Savage who each reflected on the #spacetechexpoeurope in #bremen and spoke about the expectations and demands of the space industry. Watch now and follow us for more content

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Space Tech Expo Bremen – Interview with Astroscale’s Bethan McAulay

Get valuable #talentacquisition insights from Astroscale's Bethan McAulay at #spacetecheurope! In this exclusive chat, Bethan McAulay shares how Astroscale attracts top talent to take on audacious challenges like #onorbit servicing. Learn how Astroscale builds an empowering culture and diverse workforce fueling their critical sustainability mission. Discover what Bethan looks for in rising space professionals who want to make an impact. Don't miss this candid conversation on talent and opportunity in the #newspace industry straight from a leader at one of the sector's fastest-growing disruptors! Read about Astroscale here :

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