GSTC 2023


Smallest version of HPS’s ADEO braking sail deploys successfully

HPS’ (High Performance Space Structure Systems) ADEO braking sail has successfully deployed aboard D-Orbit’s ION satellite carrier, which will now sail to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere in the shortest possible time to then fully burn up, HPS said. The “Show me your Wings” mission is the final proof-of-concept flight.

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Airbus Achieves Key EGNOS Milestone

Airbus has successfully achieved the System Critical Design Review (CDR) on the EGNOS V3 satellite-based augmentation system. According to the Company, the EGNOS V3 (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service)'s design will add key security features for the most safety-critical applications, such as aircraft navigation and landing. Furthermore, it will provide entirely new services for maritime and land users. EGNOS V3 is the second generation of the overlay system and will improve the performance of GPS and Galileo.

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SES Successfully Launches First Two O3b mPOWER Satellites

SES has announced that it has successfully launched the first two O3b mPOWER satellites into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, United States. With a design that will deliver unprecedented performance with a first-of-its-kind software-driven payload, O3b mPOWER is SES’s second-generation medium earth orbit (MEO) system.

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Space Café Radio – on tour in Scotland – with Dr. Hina Khan

In this Space Café Radio - SpaceWatch.Global publisher Torsten Kriening spoke with Dr. Hina Khan , the first appointed Executive Director of Space Scotland, an initiative of like-minded Scottish space industry professionals who recognised the huge potential for the sector to develop in Scotland. Hina spoke with Torsten about her new role, the Scottish space sector, the opportunities and the challenges.

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Euroconsult predicts global commercial EO data and services to reach US $7.9 billion by 2031

Consulting firm Euroconsult’s latest ‘Earth Observation Data & Services Market’ report on the EO satellite-based downstream and upstream data and service markets predicts a steady growth in the next decade. The analysis also shows an increasing demand predicted for more expensive datasets below 30 cm resolution, 3D modelling and near-real-time global mapping, the firm said.

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EUMETSAT Announces Successful Launch of MTG-I1

EUMETSAT has announced the successful launch of its Meteosat Third Generation-Imager 1 (MTG-I1) from the European Space Centre in Kourou. As a result, EUMETSAT Director-General Phil Evans said the successful launch of MTG-I1 was a critical milestone for the organization, bringing the goal of delivering essential data from the satellite’s instruments to meteorologists one step closer

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