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Space Symposium 2024 – Interview with Prof Nicolas Peter

Prof Nicolas Peter, International Space University, spoke with Dr Emma Gatti during the Space Symposium 2024. They discussed their long-standing relationship with North America and their upcoming Space Studies Program 2024 in collaboration with @RiceUniversity and NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). He also discussed training the next generation of space professionals and the widely discussed topic of talent recruitment for the space industry.

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Space Symposium 2024 – Interview with Dr Luigi Scatteia

At the Space Symposium, Dr Emma Gatti met with SpaceWatch.Global friend and collaborator Dr Luigi Scatteia, who spoke to us about PwC 's commercial interest and clients in space and how the Space Symposium is fostering that. With a diverse roster of clients across various sectors - defense companies, space agencies, institutions, governments, private companies, startups, etc., the PwC is aiming to expand and cater to the entire space environment.

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Space Symposium 2024 – Interview with Avi Shabtai

Avi Shabtai, CEO of Ramon.Space, spoke with Torsten Kriening this morning at the Space Symposium about building space-resilient computing infrastructure to serve the next generation of satellites and spacecraft that deal with space data. Avi Shabtai elicited three functions for space data: store, Process, and Move. These are a major part of the space systems services that Ramon.Space strives to provide.

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Space Symposium 2024 – Interview with Dr Walther Pelzer

The Director General of the German Space Agency at the DLR, Dr Walther Pelzer, spoke to us during the Space Symposium 2024. He highlighted how the Symposium is a platform to showcase the commercialization of space. He also spoke about how there is a push for a 'Business to Business' partnership shift happening and why networking with the industry is crucial to fostering this.

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HEO and Sidus Space Partner for NEI Payload and Data Services


HEO has finalized a deal with Sidus Space, which will see Sidus Space host HEO’s NEI imager, HOLMES-006, onboard LizzieSat-3 as part of the Bandwagon-2 launch, along with a monthly data services contract. This consequently marks the second agreement between HEO and Sidus Space, as Sidus Space’s LizzieSat-2 will be hosting HEO’s HOLMES-004 on the same launch.

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Angara-A5 rocket launched from Vostochny

According to State Space Corporation Roscosmos anouncements on Thursday 11 April 2024, followed by Agence TASS reports, an Angara-A5 heavy-lift rocket with an Orion booster launched from the Vostochny spaceport in Russia’s Far East on its third attempt.In about 12 minutes, the Orion booster separated from the Angara upper stage and proceeded to a double orbital insertion: first a cube sat in lower orbit, then a test-payload delivered into the targetted geostationary orbit as part of the rocket’s flight development tests.

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Kepler to Develop In-Space Communications Network for HydRON

Kepler Communications

Kepler Communications, Inc. has entered into an agreement with TESAT-Spacecom and Airbus Defence and Space to develop a high bandwidth optical communications network in low Earth orbit (LEO) to address emerging opportunities such as the European Space Agency’s (ESA) High Throughput Optical Network (HydRON) program. This marks a significant milestone toward the development of terabit-class optical networking in space.

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NASA and Japan Sign Agreement for Lunar Rover


NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Masahito Moriyama have signed an agreement to advance sustainable human exploration of the Moon. As a result, Japan will design, develop, and operate a pressurized rover for crewed and uncrewed exploration on the Moon. On the other hand, NASA will provide the launch and delivery of the rover to the Moon as well as two opportunities for Japanese astronauts to travel to the lunar surface.

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The Space Café Podcast #104: Bianca Lins: Small Nation, Big Impact. Liechtenstein’s Cosmic Aspirations in a divided world

Join Markus in an engaging episode of the Space Cafe Podcast, where he converses with Bianca Lins, an Austrian who has intricately woven her life into the fabric of one of the world's smallest yet remarkably influential countries in the space sector, Liechtenstein. Bianca shares her unique perspective on space law, Liechtenstein's history with the Apollo missions, and how even the tiniest nations can have a stellar impact on global space policy.

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