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Omnispace and MTN Partner on Satellite IoT and 5G NTN Services

Credit: Omnispace

Ibadan, 14 March 2024. – Omnispace has announced a collaboration with MTN, which will explore the use of S-band for satellite services to expand MTN’s portfolio of wireless services in their markets.

This initiative underscores Omnispace and MTN’s joint commitment to developing cost-effective global connectivity solutions beyond existing cellular, land-based networks. The companies will therefore explore the integration of MTN’s terrestrial mobile networks with the Omnispace non-terrestrial (NTN) network, leveraging 3GPP standards, to serve consumer mobile and enterprise IoT services. Furthermore, the companies will explore how they may collaborate on the development and growth of an ecosystem of devices and software.

Under the agreement, Omnispace will also develop a next-generation standards-based mobile and IoT network designed to serve MTN markets. In the interim, the companies will partner to test existing technology, prove capabilities, and use cases using Omnispace’s on-orbit satellites.

Speaking on the collaboration, Ram Viswanathan, CEO of Omnispace, commented, “This collaborative effort would offer access to secure, cost-effective, ubiquitous 5G mobile connectivity by seamlessly integrating our respective satellite and terrestrial networks.” The CEO also added, “Omnispace is glad to work together with MTN to deliver this first-of-its-kind, 3GPP standards-based solution to add non-terrestrial network connectivity to a large ecosystem of compatible devices, products and applications.”

Similarly, Mazen Mroué, MTN Group Chief Technology and Information Officer, stated, “Through this collaboration, we aim to methodically extend the reach of our services, understanding the profound role connectivity plays in shaping societies and supporting growth. Our partnership with Omnispace is a strategic step towards ensuring consistent, reliable access to our network, contributing to the foundational infrastructure that supports a digitally inclusive future, enabling the benefits of modern connected life for all.”

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