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Aldoria and Arabsat Collaborate on Space Safety and Security

Credit: Aldoria

Ibadan, 14 March 2024. – Arabsat and Aldoria have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on enhancing space safety and security. The MoU is one of the fruitful outcomes of the 1st Space Debris Conference in Saudi Arabia held in Riyadh on February 11-12, which the Saudi Space Agency organized.

This MoU consequently sets the stage for expanded collaboration on key strategic initiatives and potential ventures. Under this agreement, Aldoria would provide its advanced space solution to Arabsat and its member countries, enhancing their capabilities in safeguarding space assets. Furthermore, the partnership includes plans for the establishment of one of Aldoria’s sensor systems in an Arabsat member country, further strengthening space security measures in the region.

The Saudi Space Agency, represented by its Sector Head of Space Services, Eng. Kamal Alharbi aims to foster the development of the space economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and supports the development of capacity and know-how in space situational awareness for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Speaking on the MoU, Romain Lucken, CEO of Aldoria, stated, “The leadership that Saudi Arabia and the broader MENA region has shown in prioritizing space safety and sustainability is remarkable.” The CEO also added, “We take pride in consistently delivering our services to leading providers globally, affirming the strong market demand and our dedication to supporting industry leaders.”

Likewise, Alhamedi Alanezi, CEO & President of Arabsat, commented, “We are particularly enthusiastic about harnessing Aldoria’s advanced solution, given their proven track record of providing offerings to renowned satellite operators. This partnership reinforces our capability to uphold service delivery to our customers worldwide.”

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