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Latitude and Aldoria Partner for Zephyr Launch

Aldoria x Latitude
Aldoria and Latitude sign MoU. Credit: Aldoria

Ibadan, 11 April 2024. – Latitude and Aldoria have signed a 3-year partnership agreement that will see Aldoria support Latitude during the pre-launch and launch phases of the Zephyr light launcher. This will consequently enable Latitude to enhance its launch activities by providing anti-collision protection for its customers. The two parties signed the MoU during the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.

The first test launch and the first commercial launch of the Zephyr high-speed launcher will tentatively happen in late 2025 and 2026, respectively. Aldoria will, therefore, support Latitude during the pre-launch phases: acquiring the flight permit and analyzing trajectories to avoid any risk of collision. As for the launch, Aldoria will also be responsible for analyzing the launcher’s flight path to avoid any risk of mid-air collision. Finally, Aldoria will be responsible for checking that deorbiting maneuvers happen with optimum safety.

Aldoria’s orbital information system generates independent measurements and anticipates close approaches between space objects, enabling satellite protection. As a result, by alerting operators in real time, Aldoria will protect Latitude customers from all risks arising from a collision with debris and/or a satellite. Under this agreement, Aldoria will provide this service for 8 weeks prior to launch. In addition, customers will benefit from optimized mission definition, courtesy of  Aldoria’s software and Latitude’s Zephyr launcher.

Speaking on the collaboration, Mylène Bosio, VP of Sales and Marketing at Aldoria, said, “Working with Latitude on the Zephyrs launches through our space protection offer is an absolute milestone. By combining our expertise in space surveillance with Latitude’s innovative lightweight launchers, we are underlining the crucial significance of security considerations in ensuring access to space. This partnership bears witness to the resilience and excellence of our national space industry in the wake of France’s NewSpace.”

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