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Aldoria and SES Partner on Satellite Conjunction Alert Service

Credit: Aldoria

Ibadan, 22 February 2024. – Aldoria has announced a project agreement with SES on a conjunction alert service aimed at enhancing satellite safety. Beginning March 1, 2024, Aldoria will consequently commence a three-month Project Agreement with SES.

Under this agreement, the SSA provider will offer its conjunction alert service, which provides satellite operators with advanced tools to track their satellites, identify potential collision risks, and receive timely alerts through conjunction data messages (CDM). The messages contain crucial information such as the time of close approach, relative position and velocity of neighboring space objects and the associated collision probability.

Through the project, Aldoria aims to set new standards for performance benchmarking in accurate and reliable tracking capabilities. Furthermore, SES is in a good position to benefit from Aldoria’s risk mitigation solutions, with more accurate data to make more informed decisions. With a +2,900 high-record of satellites successfully orbited in 2023 and four tons of satellites to be launched daily by 2032, space situational awareness capabilities are no longer optional for operators.

Speaking on the agreement, Romain Lucken, CEO of Aldoria, said, “With this agreement, we are in a good position to maintain our track record of setting the benchmark for European SSA services, delivering a competitive solution tailored to the market. We are happy to explore the potential for future collaboration.”

Likewise, Davide Menzio, Project Manager and Flight Dynamics Engineer at SES, said, “Through our previous collaboration, Aldoria has provided innovative solutions enabling us to meet evolving challenges.”  The Project Manager also added, “We are looking forward to embarking on this new project with Aldoria and working together in the coming months.”

Aldoria collects, processes and leverages space situational awareness data to protect critical assets in space, helping operators and space agencies proactively avoid threats and adjust orbital paths.

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