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Dhruva Space Announces Successful Closure of its Series A Round

Dhruva Space, a full-stack Space Engineering solutions provider based in Hyderabad, India, has announced a successful closure of their Series A funding at INR 123 Crores (USD 14.7 million). The funding will go towards the company’s upcoming spacecraft manufacturing facility, strategic business acquisition plans, and enhancing product offerings to deploy them to the global market.

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EUSPA Oversees the LEOP of L12 Galileo Satellite Mission

The EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is now in the Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) stage of the two new L12 Galileo satellites that SpaceX launched. They will join the current Galileo operational fleet in the upcoming months. The inclusion of these two new satellites rounds up a total of thirty Galileo satellites in orbit, providing continuous improvements to the Galileo services. 

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ESA Opens Ideas Factory to Boost Space Innovation in Austria

Participants at the opening of the Austrian Phi-Lab. Credit: ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) has opened a center to innovate the design and manufacture of space hardware in Vienna. Driving commercialization in space, it is the first of its kind of ESA-backed disruptive innovation centres outside ESA’s own premises. Consequently, work at the center will focus on accelerating the development of manufacturing for space, including the rapid prototyping of new materials, propulsion systems and making spacecraft and satellites.

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ispace-U.S Launch Data Relay Service Using Two Relay Satellites


ispace technologies U.S., inc. (ispace-U.S.) has announced the official launch of a new data relay service enabled by two relay satellites that will tentatively deploy during ispace-U.S.’s Mission 3 scheduled in 2026. SpaceX will also be tentatively providing the launch service. ispace-U.S. released the details for the relay service at the Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium 2024 Spring Meeting, which the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory hosted.

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ICEYE and Juniper Re Announce Real-Time Data Collaboration


ICEYE has announced a new data collaboration with Juniper Re, LLC ("Juniper Re"), the reinsurance broking arm and indirect subsidiary of BRP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRP). As a result, Juniper Re will leverage ICEYE's Flood and Wildfire Insights data to support their carrier clients by accessing near real-time observed data on large-scale events to determine the impact within hours and support data-driven decisions.

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SINC 2024 – Interview with Dr Ulpia Botezatu

Why should small nations join UN COPUOS? And what benefits could they gain from joining the UN COPUOS community? Dr Ulpia Botezatu, Chair of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the UN Committee for Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, explains to Dr Emma Gatti, why international Western institutions should be interested in emerging nations and vice versa.

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SINC 2024 – Interview with Whisper

China is building its space network in the Asian-Pacific countries and Africa. Whisper, the Director of the Scientific Research Department for Chang Guang Satellite Technology co L.t.D. visited the Maldives during SINC to understand how China can expand its market in the region. Our Editor-in-Chief, Dr Emma Gatti, had the opportunity to talk with him about his mission.

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