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SDSC 2023 – Interview with Martin Ruubel of Nortal

Don't miss this exclusive fireside chat with an influential leader and innovator! Torsten Kriening spoke with Martin Ruubel, CEO of Estonian tech giant Nortal, at #SDC2023 about their bold move into the space industry. Hear Martin's vision straight from the source on why and how Nortal is leveraging their software expertise to help shape the future of space tech. We discuss key takeaways from the conference, trends to watch, and insights

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SDSC 2023 – Interview with Linda Võeras, Karma Ventures

The day before the official start of the 3rd Software Defined Space Conference, hosted by the Estonian Space Office, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia in Tallinn, our Publisher Torsten Kriening spoke with Linda Võeras of Karma Ventures about the challenges and to-dos for startups that are looking for funding, the market and space as an area to fund.

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SDSC 2023 – Welcome from Tallinn, Estonia

Welcome to Tallinn, Estonia for the 3rd Software Defined Space Conference, hosted by the Estonian Space Office, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia. The next days we will discuss the critical role of software development and #cybersecurity in space, and the role that leading e-nation #Estonia plays in this area. Follow everything this week on hashtag #SDSC2023!

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mu Space plans to launch Space Supply Chain in Southeast Asia

Mr. James Yenbamroong on building a space supply chain. Credit mu space

mu Space, a satellite manufacturer from Southeast Asia, is looking to create a space supply chain for its region. The company's goal is to launch Southeast Asia into a global competitor in the aerospace industry. mu Space believes that by building a space supply chain, companies will have a greater chance in utilising technologies and furthermore innovating them for the future.

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HawkEye 360 Receives NIWC Contract for Satellite RF Data

HawkEye 360 Inc. has announced today it has received a $12.25 million contract from the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific to share satellite RF data, analytics and training with partner nations in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. HawkEye 360 will use SeaVision, a multinational data-sharing platform, to share unclassified information to improve maritime domain awareness.

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TAP Accelerator Program launched by Space Systems Command

Col. Raj Agrawal, Brig. Gen. Kyle C. Paul, Col. Stephen Lyon provided an overview of the Space Domain Awareness TAP Lab Accelerator program to more than 200 attendees. Credit SSC

Space Systems Command (SSC) started its technology accelerator program at its newest Technology, Applications, and Process (TAP) Lab on the 28th of October. It has been supported by Virginia Tech’s Applied Research Corporation (VT-ARC) and MITRE Corporation. The opening day agenda welcomed more than 200 participants and showcased not only the mission of the Accelerator program, but also the physical space TAP Lab provides aiming to enhance the collaboration experience. 

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UNIO Raises Pre-seed to Develop its Bridge Product

Katrin Bacic

UNIO has announced that it has raised €2.5 million in pre-seed funding to keep up with its mission to provide always-on connectivity for connected vehicles by seamlessly bridging terrestrial and satellite networks. With the funding, UNIO aims to advance the development and market launch of the UNIO ‘bridge’ product. This product will potentially deliver seamless connectivity for connected vehicles transitioning between 5G and satellite connectivity, delivering ‘always-on’ connectivity for all mobile use cases.

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Maxar Intelligence Appoints Dan Smoot as Chief Executive Officer

Dan Smoot

Maxar Intelligence has appointed Dan Smoot as its new CEO, effective November 6, 2023, completing the Company's phase of investment in the business’ senior leadership talent. Daniel Jablonsky, who has been serving as interim CEO of Maxar Intelligence, will subsequently transition to the Board of Directors. Consequent upon the appointment, Smoot will lead a new Maxar Intelligence management team with extensive experience in the national security, space and technology sectors.

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SDA Contracts Northrop Grumman for PWSA T2TL Satellites

Northrop Grumman Corporation has received an agreement with a total potential value of approximately $732 million to design and build 38 data transport satellites, from the Space Development Agency (SDA). These satellites will support Tranche 2 Transport Layer – Alpha (T2TL-Alpha), the latest iteration of SDA’s low-Earth orbit Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture (PWSA). Furthermore, the announcement follows an August 2023 award to Northrop Grumman of 36 satellites as part of Tranche 2 Transport Layer – Beta (T2TL-Beta)

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