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Marlink Offers Bandwidth in the Northwest Passage for Adventurous Cruisers

Marlink’s expedition cruise clients received a major connectivity boost at the end of July with Marlink’s high-speed Internet services for vessels plying the Northwest Passage and other remote destinations. The rolling out of new coverage, augmented with additional satellites and overlapping beams in the Marlink VSAT network, ensures that adventure …

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GomSpace and UnseenLabs Commission BRO-1 in Record Time

GomSpace has successfully delivered and commissioned the satellite bus for UnseenLabs BRO-1, launched from New Zealand by Rocket Lab on August 19. The launch and early operations phase was successfully completed in only a few days, and the spacecraft is ready to commence operation for UnseenLabs. GomSpace Launch and Early …

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MDA Selected to Perform System Design Phase Contract of a Wildfire Monitoring Satellite

MDA has been awarded a contract from the Canadian Space Agency to execute the system design phase of a forest fire monitoring satellite (WildFireSat). The purpose of the WildFireSat (WFS) mission would be to provide a space-based capability to increase Canada’s ability to monitor wildland fires across the country, including …

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#SpaceWatchGL Op’ed: Launching the next space era in Norway

by Mari Eldholm, Director of NIFRO Norway is a small but vibrant space nation. For decades sounding rockets have been launched from Andoya, K-SAT operates a global network of ground stations, and a number of small and large Norwegian satellites are in orbit. In addition, Norway is home to a …

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SWISSto12 Partners With Tyvak to Offer Mini-GEO Telecom Satellite Missions

SWISSto12, a provider of 3D-printed telecommunications equipment, and Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc., a Terran Orbital Corporation, announced today a partnership to offer mini-GEO satellites. “We are very excited about this partnership to enable and accelerate cost-effective, mini-GEO missions with SWISSto12 closing the gap through expertise and new technology applications,” said …

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China’s first medium-scale launcher with LOX/LCH4 propellants ZQ-2 soliciting payloads worldwide

Chinese commercial launcher developer and launch service provider LandSpace announced during the MAKS 2019 show, that the company is seeking and accepting payloads from around the world for the maiden launch of its proprietary ZhuQue-2 (ZQ-2) launcher powered by a LOX/LCH4 liquid-propellant rocket engine (LRE). LandSpace President Zhang Long stated, “As China’s …

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