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OroraTech Partners GREEN+ Program for Forest Fire Management

FOREST-1 image rendering. Credit OroraTech

OroraTech has announced a partnership with GREEN+ Program to provide forest fire management to safeguard millions of hectares of protected areas in the hands of sub-national governments around the globe. The partnership will enable leaders and emergency teams to monitor destructive fires within their protected natural areas, detect deforestation, save local forests, and create the right incentives.

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Space Systems Command Completes CloudSat Mission

Space Systems Command

Space Systems Command (SSC)’s Innovation and Prototyping Acquisition Delta has successfully completed the CloudSat mission after almost two decades of providing scientists with a deeper understanding of atmospheric conditions and providing key discoveries of weather patterns and precipitation observed from space. Space Systems Command’s recently launched  Weather System Follow-on Microwave (WSF-M) satellite will continue the U.S. Space Force’s space-based environmental monitoring mission.

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Astroscale UK Completes PDR Phase for COSMIC Mission

Astroscale Ltd. ("Astroscale UK"), a subsidiary of Astroscale Holdings Inc, announces the successful completion of the Preliminary Design Review phase with the UK Space Agency (UKSA) for its national Active Debris Removal (ADR) mission, COSMIC (Cleaning Outer Space Mission through Innovative Capture). The Company also recently partnered with Space Trash Signs, an initiative to visualize the consequences of space debris on different aspects of life on Earth – highlighting the imperative need for missions such as COSMIC.

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SINC 2024 – Interview with H.E. Hassaan Mohamed

What can Space do to support the Maldives in their fight for climate change? Dr Emma Gatti interviews Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Energy, H.E. Hassaan Mohamed during the first day of SINC to understand how this island nation is trying to harvest Space technology to emerge as a new technological, unexpected reality withing the New Space industry

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SSPI Launches Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure


Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) has announced the beginning of Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure, a multi-week campaign featuring videos, podcasts, live conversations and a new issue of SSPI’s digital magazine, The Orbiter. The campaign explores the little-known, frequently surprising ways in which satellite technology contributes to life, health, welfare and the economy on Earth.

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mu Space and RBC Signals Partner on Ground Station Facilities

RBC Signals and mu Space sign MoU

mu Space and Advance Technology Co., Ltd ("mu Space"), a satellite technology company based in Thailand, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with RBC Signals International Inc. ("RBC Signals"), a provider of global satellite data communication products and solutions. The MOU, effective from March 1, 2024, is the beginning of a collaboration that aims at exploring opportunities related to Satellite Ground Station Facilities in Thailand and Southeast Asia countries.

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ESA Astronaut Class of 2022 Graduates


The European Space Agency (ESA) has celebrated the graduation of its class of 2022 astronaut candidates. The ceremony, held at the European Astronaut Center in Cologne, Germany, signified the successful completion of basic training for the five European astronaut graduates and the Australian Space Agency’s first astronaut, all now eligible for spaceflight assignments.

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