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Array Labs and Esper Imagery Announce Strategic Partnership

Array Labs
Credit: Array Labs

Ibadan, 15 March 2024. – Array Labs and Esper Satellite Imagery have announced a strategic partnership to co-enrich each other’s products, creating a powerful, one-of-a-kind dataset that combines high-resolution 3D with cutting-edge hyperspectral. The co-enrichment commitment allows both companies to provide even more value to their respective customers and markets.

Under the terms of this agreement, users of Esper’s extended-spectrum hyperspectral satellite imaging platform will be able to receive combined high-resolution 3D data. Similarly, Array’s customers will be able to combine and receive hyperspectral imagery with their 3D data purchases or subscriptions.

This collaboration aims to empower customers to unlock previously unattainable insights, as they gain access to a comprehensive, multidimensional view of the Earth’s surface. By fusing Array Labs’ centimeter-level 3D data with Esper’s rich hyperspectral imagery, customers will not only be able to measure volumetric changes at scale, but also identify the precise materials driving those changes.

The partnership hopes to impact various sectors. For example, energy and mining customers will be able to optimize operations; monitor infrastructure; and discover new exploration opportunities. Likewise, defense users will gain a powerful edge in identifying and analyzing objects of interest, with a new level of situational awareness. Environmental organizations and researchers will be able to better understand and protect Earth using the multifaceted dataset to monitor ecosystems and track point-source emissions.

Speaking on the partnership, Array Labs CEO Andrew Peterson, commented, “Esper provides an immense spectral range not provided by others, very frequent revisit, and shares our passion for bringing high-value data from space in a highly affordable manner. To our knowledge, this will be the first time 3D and hyperspectral imaging are combined and delivered from space for commercial use.”

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