ISU - Summer 2024


OKAPI:Orbits and Aurora Partner for Mission Optimization.

OKAPI:Orbits and Aurora

OKAPI:Orbits, a Space Traffic Management solutions company, and Aurora Propulsion Technologies, a developer of water-based resistojet thrusters and de-orbiting solutions for small sats and cube sats, have entered a strategic partnership to facilitate mission optimization. by leveraging their combined expertise and resources, they aim to maximize opportunities for innovation and growth in the industry

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IQ spacecom and RBC Signals Partner to Develop Go.BIC

IQ spacecom and RBC Signals

IQ spacecom and RBC Signals have announced a partnership to deliver Go.BIC (Global On-Demand Bi-directional Intersatellite Connection Service) to support inter-satellite connections for LEO operators. Viasat’s global L-band satellite network will also power the connectivity for the service. This service ensures real-time allocation of L-band capacity on a global scale, specifically tailored to meet the needs of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) operators.

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Lithuania-based Company offers alternative to SpaceX’s


Astrolight, a Lithuania-based Company, is offering laser communication innovations as an alternative to SpaceX's traditional radio frequency methods. With the EO sector set to triple its revenue to $9 billion annually by 2035 according to The WEF and McKinsey space insights report, the Lithuanian Company is advocating for laser communication as an alternative means to send data to Earth and emphasizing optical tech's impact in EO.

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UNOOSA and Japan Partner to Support New Space Law Missions

UNOOSA and japan

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and Japan have embarked on a new collaboration stage under the "Space Law for New Space Actors" project. This collaboration enables UNOOSA to continuously provide capacity-building and legal advisory services which are specific to the needs of countries in Asia and the Pacific.

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Airbus Awarded Vigil Space Weather Spacecraft Mission


The European Space Agency has selected Airbus to design and build the space weather forecasting satellite Vigil, the first operational mission in ESA’s Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Space Safety Program (S2P). The spacecraft will give vital extra warning to Earth about incoming solar storms and coronal mass ejections which can potentially disrupt satellites in orbit and electronic and power distribution systems on Earth.

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ESA and Twelve Countries Sign the Zero Debris Charter


Twelve nations have signed the Zero Debris Charter at the ESA/EU Space Council, solidifying their commitment to the long-term sustainability of human activities in Earth orbit. In addition to the 12 countries, the European Space Agency also signed the Zero Debris Charter as an International Organization (IGO). The Zero Debris Charter is an effort to become debris-neutral in space by 2030 that was unveiled at the ESA Space Summit in Seville meeting in November 2023.

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ESA Awards Two Contracts for LEO Cargo Return Service

A rendering of The Exploration Company's Nyx vehicle

The European Space Agency (ESA) has signed two contracts with Thales Alenia Space and The Exploration Company for the development of a commercial service capable of transporting cargo to and from the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit by 2030. ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher signed contracts with Hélène Huby from The Exploration Company and Massimo Comparini from Thales Alenia Space based in Italy, to develop a low Earth orbit (LEO) cargo return service.

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Ariane 6 Inaugural Flight Attempt in July 2024

Ariane 6 Illustration in flight. Credit ESA

The Ariane 6 Launcher Task Force has announced that Ariane 6's first launch attempt will happen within the first two weeks of July 2024, on track and in line with the launch period it communicated in November. Furthermore, the task force will give the tentative date for the first launch attempt at the ILA airshow in Berlin, Germany, which will hold from 5 June to 9 June, where all the task force members will be present.

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Spain Launches Space Technology Program Call With EUR 70m in Subsidies


The Centro para el Desarrollo tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) Innovation has launched the 2024 call for the Space Technology Program (PTE) focused on promoting the competitiveness of the Spanish aerospace industry as a key actor for the next challenges and opportunities of the sector through the development of technological capabilities based on research and development. The call falls under the scope of Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) Aerospace.

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