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ADEO De-orbit Data Exceeds Expectations for HPS

After around twelve years of development, several zero-G parabolic campaigns and a first test flight with Rocket Lab, HPS has launched the current IOV flight of ADEO with D-Orbit on the Italian space company's ION platform. The current flight data and the orbit and position calculations based on it are now available. They show ADEO has been steering its satellite safely towards Nirvana without a scratch since it deployed the deorbit brake sail.

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Saudi Space Agency and WEF Establish Space C4IR Center

Saudi Space Agency and World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum has signed an agreement with the Saudi Space Agency to establish a Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) focused on space. The Center will consequently contribute to local and global advances in space technologies and sustainability. The Center for Space Futures will tentatively open in Autumn of 2024, with the aim of facilitating public-private discussions on space collaboration, incorporating best practices from the Forum and its communities into the global space sector,

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EUSPA Oversees the LEOP of L12 Galileo Satellite Mission

The EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is now in the Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) stage of the two new L12 Galileo satellites that SpaceX launched. They will join the current Galileo operational fleet in the upcoming months. The inclusion of these two new satellites rounds up a total of thirty Galileo satellites in orbit, providing continuous improvements to the Galileo services. 

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ICEYE and Juniper Re Announce Real-Time Data Collaboration


ICEYE has announced a new data collaboration with Juniper Re, LLC ("Juniper Re"), the reinsurance broking arm and indirect subsidiary of BRP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRP). As a result, Juniper Re will leverage ICEYE's Flood and Wildfire Insights data to support their carrier clients by accessing near real-time observed data on large-scale events to determine the impact within hours and support data-driven decisions.

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#SpaceWatchGL: Search for Independence – European Prospects in the Field of Solar Weather Monitoring

In the last decade, space weather has become the subject of serious consideration in the scientific community and global scientific organizations. Solar activity plays an important role in both space operations and terrestrial infrastructure. Flares, storms, and coronal mass ejections are all manifestations of solar activity that can affect the operation of satellites, navigation, surveillance, radio communications, and other important structures. As a consequence, there is a need for a reliable and independent ecosystem for monitoring and forecasting solar weather. Today, the European space sector faces the challenge of creating infrastructure capable of competing with existing international initiatives.

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Primo Space Fund Invests in Lithium Lasers and Ecosmic

Ecosmic Cofounders

Primo Space Fund has announced two new deals: Lithium Lasers and Ecosmic, investing about €2,6 million across both deals. This round of investments brings Primo Space Fund’s portfolio to fourteen companies. Lithium Lasers S.r.l., an Italian startup, developed a USPL called FemtoFlash for material processing, biophotonics and non-linear optics applications in several industries, and is particularly useful when dimensional accuracy and tighter tolerances are necessary.

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ClearSpace-1 Mission Changes in Response to Debris Collision


The ClearSpace-1 debris removal mission has undergone a transformative period to achieve a faster execution pace and reviewed mission objectives. After the successful completion of its mission’s first phase, the detection of space debris objects in the vicinity of the mission’s client object, which indicates a collision of the target with untraceable debris, and the need for a change towards a more expedited and cost-effective approach prompted a pivot in the next stage of the ClearSpace-1 mission.

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PLD Space Announces Expansion Plans Amid Funding Support

PLD Space

PLD Space has announced that it has attained 120 million euros in funding to date, thus ensuring it can meet its upcoming technological and corporate milestones, culminating in the launch of the MIURA 5 mission at the end of 2025. The Company has received 78 million euros in investment from shareholders who have invested in its technological program and business model. In addition to this sum, there are 42 million euros from the PERTE backed by the Government of Spain for a Spanish space launcher (1.5M€ in July 2023 and 40.5M€ at the end of January 2024).

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