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Kuva Space Appoints Jerry Welsh to Spearhead U.S. Expansion

Kuva Space Hyperfield next gen satellite. Credit Kuva Space
Kuva Space Hyperfield next gen satellite. Credit Kuva Space

Ibadan, 8 February 2024. – Kuva Space has announced its expansion to the United States, establishing Kuva Space US in Fairfax, Virginia. As a result, Jerry Welsh, the former CEO of ICEYE US, has joined Kuva Space as a board member and will lead the company’s expansion efforts to become a leading provider of hyperspectral insights to the U.S. Government (USG).

With its new U.S. subsidiary, the Company aims to broaden its market reach and serve U.S. Government and commercial customers. The Global Geospatial Analytics Market was estimated at $85 billion in 2023, with the United States representing the largest market in the world. Hyperspectral solutions are a critical element of the Geospatial Analytics Market because of the wealth of information they provide by combining hundreds of bands of spectral data with spatial information.

Speaking on the new responsibility, Jerry Welsh commented, “One of the reasons I’m excited to work with Kuva Space is its plans to offer new spaceborne hyperspectral capabilities that nobody in the commercial space industry is currently providing.” The new board member also added, “Over the next year, we will be expanding in the U.S. to provide cutting-edge, robust, and reliable services and meet security and regulatory requirements to become a trusted partner to the U.S. Government.”

Kuva Space’s microsatellites, featuring a patented hyperspectral camera, can monitor any material on Earth and its condition through its distinct spectral signature. Furthermore, the sensor is optimizable in orbit for a specific use case across a wide range of application requirements, including defense and safety, food security, agriculture, and environment verticals. In addition, the patented 2D snapshot imager provides a better signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in higher-quality images for actionable results.

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