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On The Road

#SpaceWatchGL on the road: a Serbian ‘case’ for Cybersecurity in space

by Marko Pajovic On the 23rd July 2020, the Serbian Case for Space Foundation organized its third webinar with Spacewatch.Global, to tackle an important topic often overlooked in the public perception of space industry: cybersecurity in outer space. SCS invited Andrej Petrovski, the Director of Tech at Share Foundation and …

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#SpaceWatchGL On The Road: What Are You Adding? #DLD20 And The Deep Dive About Space Debris

By Torsten Kriening DLD20, the Digital-Life-Design Conference was held in Munich on 18-21 January 2020. More than 200 speakers and 1300 attendees touched base at #DLD20. For the 16th time, “Europe‘s hottest conference” brought together the most influential opinion-makers, industry leaders, start-ups, and digital giants. The conference theme was “What …

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#SpaceWatchGL On The Road: Satellite 2020—A Fitting Start To The Decade 

By Blaine Curcio Let’s face it—the 2020s have thus far been weird. Small sample size, various black swan events, cell phones are driving us crazy, these are all true, but it still feels like 2020 is just a little bit weirder than normal, and perhaps more importantly, some of the …

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