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Space Cafe Radio – with Dr Daniel Eriksson of Transparency International

In this Space Café Radio episode, SpaceWatch.Global publisher Torsten Kriening spoke with Dr Daniel Eriksson, Chief Executive Officer of Transparency International, about the use and potential of space technology to fight corruption and the danger of being a victim of corruption. Transparency International is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption. To end the devastating impact corruption has on men, women and children around the world, we bring people together in a powerful worldwide coalition. Transparency’s mission is to create change towards a world free of corruption.

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Hispasat Partners Infinite Orbits on European Life Mission Extension

Hispasat and Infinite Orbits have announced their collaborative efforts in analyzing a life extension mission, utilizing Endurance, Infinite Orbits’ GEO satellite life extension service solution. Both parties aim to advance the development of a European life extension service solution for GEO satellites.

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Terran Orbital Corporation Unveils SmallSat GEO Solution

Terran Orbital office. Credit Terran Orbital

Terran Orbital Corporation has announced its entrance into the small satellite geosynchronous orbit (GEO) market with its SmallSat GEO solution for satellites above 500kg. The Corporation will consequently unveil the solution at the SATELLITE 2024 trade show, happening March 18-21 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. 

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Alpine Space Ventures Announces Investment from NIF

Reflex Aerospace

Alpine Space Ventures, a venture capital fund dedicated to early-stage investments in the space sector, has announced a EUR 10 million investment from the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF). The strategic fund-of-fund investment boosts Alpine Space Ventures’ ability to back the development and deployment of innovative space technologies, reinforcing Europe's security and resilience capabilities in both Government and commercial sectors.

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SpaceWatch.Global Insights – DGI 2024 (Geospatial intelligence for defence and security)

This past week, our CEO and Publisher, Torsten Kriening, attended the DGI 2024 (Geospatial Intelligence for Defence and Security) conference in London. The conference focused on the applicability of data in the defense sector in the light of two wars on the doorstep of Europe. Listen to the industry insights and discussions provided by Torsten in this #opinion video.

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DGI 2024 – Day one intro by Torsten Kriening

We are in #london for DGI - Geospatial Intelligence for defence and security. CEO Torsten Kriening talks to us live from the event, highlighting the necessity of defence and security applications within geospatial services in today's world. Space is becoming a part of the critical infrastructure of defence with two wars at the doorstep of #europe .

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Array Labs and Esper Imagery Announce Strategic Partnership

Array Labs

Array Labs and Esper Satellite Imagery have announced a strategic partnership to co-enrich each other's products, creating a powerful, one-of-a-kind dataset that combines high-resolution 3D with cutting-edge hyperspectral. The co-enrichment commitment allows both companies to provide even more value to their respective customers and markets.

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