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HyImpulse Secures Kooniba and SaxaVord Spaceports

Photo: HyImpulse

Ibadan, 17 November 2023. – HyImpulse has partnered with Southern Launch to launch into space from the Koonibba Test Range in 2024. In the same vein, the German rocket manufacturer has entered into agreements regarding using the facilities and services of the SaxaVord spaceport for future launch activities. As a result, HyImpulse will offer launch services from SaxaVord Spaceport in the Shetland Islands, and test its SR75 rocket via a suborbital launch at the Koonibba test range in Q1 2024.

Speaking on the agreement with Southern Launch, HyImpulse CEO Mario Kobald commented, “Our mission is to develop a launch vehicle that uses our unique hybrid propulsion technology. Launching our first suborbital rocket from the Koonibba Test Range is a huge milestone for our Company, and we are looking forward to the learnings that this launch will provide our team.”

HyImpulse’s ability to recover its rocket and understand what happened after launch is a key reason the rocket manufacturer is travelling to Australia to launch. The Koonibba Test Range is one of the largest commercial overland rocket testing ranges in the world and provides rocket companies with a unique opportunity to recover their rocket – something not possible with an overwater launch.

On the other hand, HyImpulse is also looking forward to working with SaxaVord and expanding its operations in the UK to work on propulsion development and testing, rocket structures and ground infrastructure in the coming months. To this end, the Company has also acquired its flight license from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the United Kingdom.

HyImpulse’s CEO also added that the “Shetland Islands and SaxaVord Spaceport is an integral part of HyImpulse’s journey to space. We are in close collaboration with SaxaVord since 2021 and have been doing our flight motors qualification testing also on the islands.”

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