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Spire Global Launches High-Resolution Weather Forecast

Spire data company satellite. Credit Spire Global
Spire data company satellite. Credit Spire Global

Ibadan, 29 November 2023. – Spire Global, Inc. has announced the launch of its High-Resolution Weather Forecast model, a differentiated regional high-resolution weather forecasting service to meet the critical demands of the energy and commodity markets. The solution provides precise and customizable weather forecasts extending up to six days, with the capability to run at resolutions as fine as 1 kilometer, covering any point on the globe, including the most remote regions and the open oceans.

The Company’s proprietary radio occultation (RO) technology, ocean wind and soil moisture data powers the High-Resolution Weather Forecast. As a result, Spire’s High-Resolution Weather Forecast aims to equip energy traders, commodity traders, utilities, grid operators and more with the crucial insights needed to anticipate weather’s influence on price dynamics, market trends and energy supply and demand.

“In an industry where volatile weather patterns directly impact commodity and energy prices, accurate weather prediction tools are crucial for risk management, optimizing investments and achieving a balance between energy production and consumption,” said Michael Eilts, general manager of weather and Earth intelligence at Spire. He also added, “Our regional high-resolution weather forecasts provide the essential insights necessary to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the markets.”

The forecast model is capable of advanced data assimilation as Spire assimilates proprietary data, including RO, ocean winds and soil moisture, from its multipurpose constellation of 100+ satellites into its High-Resolution Weather Forecast for precise weather forecasts. Additionally, the model incorporates data from leading trusted public sources such as NOAA, EUMETSAT and ECMWF. Furthermore, customers will be able to configure forecasts by selecting the domain size, frequency and resolution down to 1 kilometer, with scheduling that caters to their specific needs.

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