ISU - Summer 2024

CAMoes 2023 – First Impression by Torsten Kriening

The goal of this first analog mission is to prove the use of Azorean volcanic caves as a scientific and research space analog context for multisectoral and long-term investigations. Here some facts about the mission. This seven-day space research analog will take place in the Natal Cave on Terceira Island. Seven crew members will spend six nights and seven days in this lava tube cave, the first people to overnight in this environment.

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According to the latest Earth Observation Satellite Systems report from Novaspace, a merger between Euroconsult Group and SpaceTec Partners, the global Earth Observation satellite market will undergo substantial growth over the coming decade, with the number of EO satellites in orbit to almost triple as the manufacturing market grows by 40% and the value of the launch market increases by 55%.