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The Space Café Podcast #94: Diving into NASA’s DART Mission: Lead Investigator Andy Rivkin on the Frontlines of Planetary Defense

Andy Rivkin and Markus Mooslechner; Credits Markus Mooslechner

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present: The Space Café Podcast #94: Diving into NASA’s DART Mission: Lead Investigator Andy Rivkin on the Frontlines of Planetary Defense 

Episode 094 features special guests: Andy Rivkin

Join us in this episode of Space Cafe Podcast as Markus Mooslechner talks with Andy Rivkin about the thrilling DART mission. As its Lead Investigator, Rivkin offers a rare glimpse into the world of planetary defense, sharing the intricate dance between meticulously executed plans and the unpredictable nature of space exploration. From the collision course with Dimorphos to the anticipation of Hera’s future findings, Rivkin’s narrative is a testament to human ingenuity and our relentless pursuit of cosmic knowledge.

3 Memorable Quotes by Andy Rivkin:

  1. “The DART mission stands as a testament to our proactive stance on planetary defense, showcasing our readiness to safeguard our planet.”
  2. “Every mission has its heartbeat, its rhythm. With DART, it was about embracing the mission’s end as much as its beginning, knowing the impact we hoped to achieve.”
  3. “In the cosmos, we find a reflection of life’s unpredictability, where even the most calculated orbits can reveal new paths, new possibilities.”

List of All Links or Names Shared: 

• DART – Double Asteroid Redirection Test: official NASA page:

• ESA’s Hera Mission: official ESA page:

• Planetary Defense Coordination Office: official page:

• CubeSats Milani and Juventus: mission details:

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