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L3Harris Deploys Reflectors Aboard JUPITER 3 Satellite

Credit: L3Harris

Ibadan, 28 November 2023. – L3Harris Technologies has successfully deployed reflectors onboard the Hughes JUPITER™ 3 ultra high-density satellite to provide HughesNet internet access across the Americas and to support enterprise networks, in-flight Wi-Fi, cellular backhaul and community Wi-Fi solutions.

“L3Harris designed and delivered four reflectors for the largest commercial communications satellite ever built,” said Ed Zoiss, President, Space and Airborne Systems, L3Harris. “In the fast-paced, complex world of satellite communications, customers need solutions that decrease mission risk and cost while answering the call to deliver data at higher speeds in the most remote locations. Our space antennas do exactly that.”

L3Harris is a supplier of large reflector apertures and deployable mesh reflector-feed antenna systems for UHF-Band through K-Band and all orbital regimes. The reflectors also feature a mesh-reflective surface that maximizes antenna gain and provides improved performance required for mobile media services. L3Harris built JUPITER 3’s reflectors in Palm Bay, Florida, and has delivered more than 100 large deployable reflectors while aiming to continue pushing the boundaries of space antenna technology.

Earlier in the month, L3Harris, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and Australian-owned defence prime NIOA announced a strategic agreement to explore the manufacturing of critical guided weapons components in Australia. The agreement anticipates the future assembly and manufacture of rocket motors, boosters and warheads for munitions within the Aerojet Rocketdyne portfolio. This portfolio covers the wide range of weapons within Australia’s sovereign Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance (GWEO) Enterprise.

The Australian Government’s Defence Strategic Review released earlier this year emphasized the rapid establishment of a domestic GWEO manufacturing capability

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