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Kenya-based Amini Raises Seed Funding for Climate Tech

Map of part of Elgeyo Marakwet County in Kenya, showcasing the vegetation health of maize farms, Credit: Amini

Ibadan, 1 December 2023. – Amini, a Kenya-based climate-tech startup aiming to bridge the environmental data gap in Africa, has raised $4 million in seed funding. Salesforce Ventures and the Female Founders Fund led the funding round, with further participation from VC Satgana, Pale Blue Dot and Superorganism, who had previously backed the startup in its $2 million pre-seed round earlier this year.

Amini mainly pulls data from satellites and integrates it with other datasets, including sensors, research, and ground truthing to offer insights on biodiversity, soil or crop health or to track farming progress and practices (regenerative) like water or fertilizer use. The startup’s platform also enables the creation of real-time monitoring tools and ML models to support insights into diverse actions, including flood detection.

Commenting about the deal, Claudine Emeott, the VP of Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund, said: “We are happy to support Amini, a trailblazing company at the forefront of artificial intelligence innovation and climate technology.’s cutting-edge technology is ready to redefine industries and drive transformative change. With a visionary team and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of climate AI, we are confident that it is poised for exceptional growth.”

Kate Kallot, Amini founder and CEO of the climate-tech startup, said about Amini, “What we are building is going to make brands more accountable and to do what is right for the people, environment and planet. It will also help them measure progress against what they say they are doing or will do, but also in a way that shows the world that they are truly sustainable brands…and can prove it because they have the data to do so.”

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