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Spire Global Wins EUMETSAT Satellite Weather Data Contract

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Credit Spire Global

Ibadan, 13 December 2023. – Spire Global, Inc. has received a multi-million euro contract from EUMETSAT, Europe’s meteorological satellite agency, to provide radio occultation (RO) data. The contract is for an initial period of two years, from 2024-2026, with three optional, one-year extensions.

The award follows a successful pilot program, which demonstrated the benefits of Spire’s RO data for weather forecasting accuracy and value. The Company’s RO data provides information about the vertical profiles of pressure, humidity and temperature across all points of the globe, including in the most remote regions and open oceans. Spire will provide the data in near-real time. Furthermore, it will distribute the data to the EUMETSAT user community globally for use in weather forecast modelling.

“As extreme weather events become more frequent, our work with EUMETSAT shows a shared commitment to using space-based data to confront the impacts of climate change,” said Theresa Condor, Chief Operating Officer at Spire. “We’re proud to work with the agency to improve weather forecasting and protect human life and property,” She also added.

“It was important to EUMETSAT that the terms of this contract allow us to redistribute the data globally, in line with the World Meteorological Organization’s principle of free and open data exchange,” said EUMETSAT Director-General Phil Evans. “In this way,” He also added, “EUMETSAT is reinforcing the value of this type of commercial arrangement, with the benefits felt by the citizens of our member states, and other communities globally, through more data for weather forecasting models.”

In addition to securing this contract, Spire offers a vast portfolio of current and historical weather data and weather forecast solutions. The Company also recently launched a high-resolution weather forecast tailormade for utilities and commodity traders.

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