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Space Tech Expo Bremen – Interview with Max Alexander

Join acclaimed photographer “Our fragile space” Max Alexander for a poignant discussion on how visual narratives help convey the wonder of space while underscoring our shared responsibility in this new frontier.

This unique perspective illuminates the bonds between Earth and sky, and the power of visuals to inspire unity, curiosity and care for our fragile world.

Check out Max ‘s work here : http://www.maxalexander.com/

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Fossil. Credits: Pixabay

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Imagine that we are part of a group responsible for planning a space journey, and our primary guiding principle is to use biomimicry as a tool to inspire the solutions we will need to develop. "Biomimicry involves solving problems by studying and emulating natural processes. For example, the design of whale-inspired wind turbines draws inspiration from the humpback whale." These studies have been done through the observation of behaviors and characteristics of all types of living creatures living in this world.  It holds the key to billions of years of research and development of sustainable, circular, and regenerative solutions.