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Space Tech Expo Bremen – Interview with Max Alexander

Join acclaimed photographer “Our fragile space” Max Alexander for a poignant discussion on how visual narratives help convey the wonder of space while underscoring our shared responsibility in this new frontier.

This unique perspective illuminates the bonds between Earth and sky, and the power of visuals to inspire unity, curiosity and care for our fragile world.

Check out Max ‘s work here :

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SERA and NASRDA Partner to Send First Nigerian to Space

The Space Exploration & Research Agency (SERA) and the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) today announced a groundbreaking partnership to send the first Nigerian into space. Under the partnership, SERA will reserve a seat on an upcoming Blue Origin New Shepard suborbital spaceflight for a Nigerian citizen as part of a broader SERA-led initiative, in partnership with Blue Origin, to send six individuals from nations historically underrepresented in space exploration.