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Space Cafè Radio – Karman Special – Bringing People In with Trent Tresch

Trent Tresch; Pircture courtesy of him

This episode is part of our Karman mini-series, produced in collaboration with the Karman Project. Every year, the Karman Project selects 15 fellows from around the world to foster trust, cooperation, and dialogue between global leaders in space.

Today’s guest is Trent Tresch, the founding director of the University of Arizona Center for Human Space Exploration. Editor-in-Chief Dr Emma Gatti and Trent discussed their passion for space and the challenges they face in the industry. Trent, a former social science scholar, explains with compelling enthusiasm his fascination with extreme environments and his goal of seeing humans living and working in space. His active engagement with students not from the industry is a testament to his effort to make Space a place everyone can contribute to.

Space Café Radio brings you talks, interviews, and reports from the team of SpaceWatchers while out on the road. Each episode has a specific topic, unique content, and a personal touch. Enjoy the show, and let us know your thoughts at [email protected]

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