ISU MSS 2024

Space Symposium 2024 – A Red Rocks Interview with Hannah Ashford

The selection process for the Karman Fellowship 2024 is currently in full swing, and we had the privilege of capturing a moment that brings the essence of Karman mission to the forefront. Karman Foundation’s Managing Director, Hannah Ashford, sat down with Torsten Kriening for an insightful conversation about what lies at the heart of the Karman Fellowship’s values and the meticulous process behind selecting their Fellows. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver, the interview was nothing short of inspiring. The location, known for its breathtaking beauty and natural acoustics, perfectly complemented the depth and resonance of their discussion. In this candid conversation, Hannah shed light on the critical components that define the Karman Fellowship’s selection criteria and how each Fellow’s journey contributes to our overarching goal of fostering innovation and collaboration for a better future.

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