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Spaceflux Wins Award to Build Space Camera-Telescope

UK Space Satellite Image. Credit UK Space Agency
UK Space Satellite Image. Credit UK Space Agency

Ibadan, 24 November 2023. – The UK Space Command and the UK Space Agency have announced the award of a contract to Spaceflux to build a new ground-based space camera-telescope system in Cyprus to monitor objects in geostationary orbit, approximately 36,000km above Earth’s equator. the telescope’s mission will be to provide position information on UK satellites, helping to prevent collisions, protect critical space assets, and enhance the UK’s Space Domain Awareness (SDA).

Spaceflux will build, maintain, and routinely operate the system. Furthermore, the UK Space Agency and UK Space Command analysts will be responsible for it from the UK Space Operations Centre at RAF High Wycombe. The system’s design will allow for the sharing of data with partner organizations and international allies, improving the UK’s contribution to strategic space relationships, and increasing opportunities for collaboration in the space domain.

In addition to the contract award for the space system, UK Space Command and the UK Space Agency will launch the National Space Operations Centre next year. The National Space Operations Center will consequently combine and coordinate civilian and military SDA capabilities to enable operations and protect UK interests from relevant space-related threats, risks, and hazards.

Speaking on the project, Project ‘Nyx Alpha’, Dr. Marco Rocchetto, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spaceflux, said, “As a company based in London, we’re happy and deeply proud to support UKSA and UK Space Command in enhancing this sovereign capability, contributing to the safety of our national space ecosystem, and promoting a secure and sustainable space environment.” The CEO also added, “These contracts will not only allow us to further advance our technologies but also contribute to the growth of the national space ecosystem.”

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