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#SpaceWatchGL On The Road: Satellite 2020—A Fitting Start To The Decade 

Let’s face it—the 2020s have thus far been weird. Small sample size, various black swan events, cell phones are driving us crazy, these are all true, but it still feels like 2020 is just a little bit weirder than normal, and perhaps more importantly, some of the weirdness is starting to feel like it will not be temporary weirdness.

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#SpaceWatchGL Op-Ed: We Must Fight Climate Change Like It’s World War III–Here Are 4 Potent Weapons To Deploy

Lukas Coch/AAP David Blair, University of Western Australia; Bruce Hobbs, CSIRO; David Franklin Treagust, Curtin University, and Malcolm McCulloch, University of Western Australia This article is part of a series in The Conversation on radical ideas to solve the environmental crisis. In 1896 Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius explored whether Earth’s …

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#SpaceWatchGL Op-Ed: Coronavirus Triggers A Plunge In Space Stocks: How To Keep Your Business Operating Despite The Crisis

By Ksenia Synkova On Thursday, 12 March 2020, shares in the aerospace giant Boeing plunged 18,10%, Lockheed Martin shares dropped 12.71%, Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. shares lost 16.05%, Northrop Grumman plunged 8.69%, and Maxar shares dropped 17.77%. All this happened after the announcement by US President Donald Trump about the …

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#SpaceWatchGL Interviews: Dr. Ingo Baumann of BHO Legal

The New Space sector continues to grow exponentially and SpaceWatch.Global strives to introduce you to the sector’s brightest ideas, companies, and leaders. Torsten Kriening, SpaceWatch.Global’s co-publisher and COO, recently spoke with Dr. Ingo Baumann, partner at BHO Legal, one of the leading European space industry law firms.

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#SpaceWatchGL Op-Ed: How Space Technologies Help Fight The Coronavirus In China (Part 2)

By Yue Yuan In this two-part study, exclusive to SpaceWatch.Global, researcher Yue Yuan examines the role of satellite technologies in detecting and monitoring the ongoing outbreak of the Coronavirus – also known as COVID-19 – and their wider role in national and global public health. Satellite Remote Sensing and Earth …

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