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Viktoria Urban

#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: In-Orbit Servicing

Although the sustainability of all future space activities depends on the development of In-Orbit Servicing (IoS), there is currently no official or universal definition of IoS, sometimes also referred to as in-space services and on-orbit services. The European Space Policy Institute’s In-Orbit Services report mentions that IoS operations comprise mainly three activities

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Space Café Scotland by Angela Mathis Recap: Alan Thompson of Skyrora

The first Space Café Scotland by Angela Mathis of 2022 took place on Friday, 18th February interviewing Alan Thompson, Head of Government Affairs at Skyrora, exploring what the company does with regards to space sustainability and how it helps to advance the UK, and the Scottish space sector in particular.

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Thales Alenia Space to extract oxygen on the Moon

Thales Alenia Space has signed a €1 million study contract with ESA for a payload concept to extract oxygen from Moon rock.  In order for humans to establish a sustainable Moon habitat, lunar resources will have to be utilized rather than transporting these from Earth. Such resources include water and oxygen among others. 

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Scottish Space sector introducing roadmap for a sustainable future

Specialists from industry-led group, Space Scotland, are jointly working on a roadmap focusing on environmental issues regarding space. Space-focused strategic communications and market intelligence provider, AstroAgency, and research and strategy consultancy, Optimat, will develop the roadmap on behalf of Space Scotland’s Environmental Task Force with the backing of the Scottish Government.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Commercial Space Ecosystems

There are three types of commercial space ecosystems, the historic one, the self-created and the incidental.  The first one is exemplified by over 60 years of the United States space program, where government-funded missions gave life to private contractors that gained industrial expertise nowadays being used to supply end-to-end missions for public and private customers.

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German real-time risk and disaster intelligence provider,, and California-based computer perception company, Picogrid, formed a partnership for risk and environmental monitoring with mobile and AI-enabled sensors.  Mayday operates a platform that covers multiple disaster types and all geographic regions in real time.

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